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onsdag 24 mars 2010

Armed susects & The skels - Split 7'' (2006)

01. Armed suspects - O'farrels
02. Armed suspects - Whiskey of bottle
03. The skels - The rain came pissing down
04. The skels - Across the raging seas

Released by Pirate press in 2006.

There is very few things i hate more then stereotype Irish bands. Let me get this correct..... you drink all day, fight all night, are hardcore catholics and sail the seas for a living? Somehow i find that hard to believe and if this is all a fantasy for you then why not go all out and make some bilbo baggins hobbit music cause thats how most eiree songs sound to me. What is even more anoying is the fact that we even here in Sweden have kids with absolutely no Irish roots thinking its cool and blending it with punk (damn you Dropkick do you know what monster you have created).
Anyway this one was released in 2006 and the whole Irish clover crapp might not have been so played out as it is today so ill give The skels some slacks and take it for what it is.
Armed suspects serve 2 tracks from their full release. 1 good, 1 bad. The skels play classic..... who am i kidding lets just get this interview over with.

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