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onsdag 3 mars 2010

Heidnik stew - Compilation songs

01. One and the same
02. Dangerous visions (Exploited cover)
03. Love thy neighbour

These tracks where released on different compilations but never on a proper group release.

One and the same was featured on a New Jersey underground comp called The right to assemle Vol.2. This track is probably their most Oi! sounding track and also my favourite one. It takes up the old unity issue between punks, skins and hardcore kids.

Dangerous visions is from an dedication album to The Exploited called Troops of tomorrow that was released in 1999. Not as good as the original but close.

Love thy neighbour is taken from the awesome 1999 compilation called The east coast of Oi! that also featured such groups as Wretched ones, Terminus city, Squiggy and Disorderly conduct. Good track.
Funny thing is that all these 3 tracks are better then most of the tracks featured on their official releases.
They also had a song called Hub city on Better scene than heard compilation in 1998 but i will upload that comp next so keep your pants on.

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