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torsdag 18 mars 2010

The traditionals - The way it is, was and will be (2006)

01. Retaliate
02. Protection
03. Statistic
04. Material age
05. No choice
06. Take you out
07. Rise up again
08. Feel all right
09. Nostalgia
10. Spirit of Oi!
11. No more
12. Memories
13. Is it fair?

Released by Impact records in 2006.

In 2005 Rick left the band but was replaced by AJ Falcione (used to play in hardcore band Deliberate intent). Just before this album Craig left the band after 9 years of faithfull service but was replaced by Matt Janitor prior to the album being recorded.

This record have many great tracks but thanks to the awefull recording quality it never reaches its full potential, good thig is that the band would re-release most of the good tracks from this record in better quality on their "semi-new/semi-greatesthits" record called Generation of today. My favourite tracks on this album are Protection, Spirit of Oi!, Memories, Is it fair and No more (the last 3 where sadly enough not re-released on their next album).
Would have gotten a higher grade if it wasnt for the very minimalistic recording sound.

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