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onsdag 31 mars 2010

The postals - One nation under the influence (2007)

01. Banned from the pub
02. Fast forward
03. Drink
04. Going postal
05. American dream
06. Baseball bat
07. Fuckin inebriated
08. Last call

Selfreleased by the band in 2007.

A three-piece band from North carolina playing heavy punk rock n roll. This band was started by Aaron on vocals and guitar, John on bass and Nap on drums. This is basically their entire carrer on a cd since Aaron left the band and moved back to Washington right after this release and finding no replacement the band was put 6 feet under. The year after though they lended 3 songs from this release to the compilation Oi! dont pay the bills.
The music is rock 'n' roll with lyrics about fighting, drinking and basicly going postal. Though they deliver the songs with a sense of humour that most drink'n'fight bands lack and Aaron's vocals give the lyrics some credibility. On the songs Baseball bat and Last call i wonder if Aaron even was conscious when recording since his mumbling sounds more like something you will hear in the back of that lowclass bar at closing time.
Best tracks that you shouldnt miss out on are Fuckin inebriated, Drink and Banned from the pub.
All mumbling aside this record is something you really cant miss if you are even slightly Länkintrested in the modern American punk scene.
(Update: I fixed the upload file so everything should work now.)

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  1. Damn! there seems to be a problem song nr. 4, when you unzip the file

  2. Anyone else having this problem?

  3. Thank you very much, sir.

  4. Hey,

    is it possible to get the files as mp3 or else? Seems like I can´t import those wma files into my iTunes library - hence I can´t put it on the pod and so on...

    That´ll be great!
    Thanks, Michael.

  5. the download seems to be broken... can you possibly upload it again or send me a link to it?


    1. Every downloadlink is "broken" because Obama thought it would be a great idea to shut down filesharing sites. I am in the middle of uploading old posts and i will add this to the list.