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onsdag 3 mars 2010

Various artists - Better scene than heard (1998)

01. Heidnik stew - Hub city
02. Urban riot - Urban riot
03. Half nelson - Unchanged
04. The truents - You
05. Awkward thought - Cop song
06. Red, white and blue - Oi! skinhead
07. The slags - Nuisance
08. Chew pamela - Walk on by
09. The unruly - In your face
10. No contest - Our screams
11. The recruited - Patriarchy
12. Hudson falcons - Revolution
13. Step2far - Step 2 far
14. Urban riot - On the streets
15. Half nelson - Eleven eleven
16. Trespast - Just a pig
17. The mart!ans - Im not a nazi
18. Red, white and blue - You cant get us down
19. The slags - Scape goat
20. Disgruntled - You're full of shit
21. Abalienation - 88 hate
22. No contest - What you've become
23. The recruited - Useless taxes
24. Unemployed - Little girl

Released by Trailer park records in 1998.

(Updated 21 April 2012: Uploaded the album again and added full coverscans)

A surprisingly good compilation that came out of nowhere. Had never heard of this record label until this release. Its a compilation of Oi! and punk bands from New York and New Jersey but most of all a compilation of bands on very different sides on the political scales (this is just how it should be). A good mix of musical style all from the typical screaming crustbands to straight patriotic oi! all mixed and united on the same record (almoust makes a tear drip down from this old and hardened face hehe). Some of these groups that somewhat fit into the page i will make a discography of in a near future and some i wont (either they are to crappy or to crusty but for me thats the same thing).

Best on the release are 3 of my favourite Oi! bands, namely Red, white and blue, The unruly and Urban riot. The first surprise of the album came with a NJ band called The recruited that i have never heard of before or after this release. They deliver 2 great Oi! tracks that might be lacking in production and studio value but its punk so what did you expect. (If anyone knows any info about this band please send me a mail or comment.)
Awkward thought delivers one of my favourite tracks the Cop song that would later be released on their excellent 2000 album Mayday.

My second surprise was the poppunk band Chew pamela that delivers a melodic song in "american pie punk" (what we in Sweden would call trallpunk). This is a genre i often hate but Chew pamela actually pulls it off great mostly thanks to a great singer.

An album filled with great songs by bands that really should have gotten a shot back in the 90's (take the Mart!ans for example) and some that never really should have left the studio with any recording (Disgruntled for example).
Fuck underground scenists all about keeping it rare and underground no matter what the album title might say some of these groups should have been heard (the pop oriented once atleast).

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