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lördag 13 mars 2010

The traditionals - No choice (1999)

01. Better days
02. Blackjack
03. You're all politicians
04. Crossroads (intro)
05. Win some, lose some
06. Cream of the crop
07. Bastard cops
08. Searching
09. Wste of my time
10. No choice
11. Traditionals
12. Memories

Released by Superfly records in 1999.

The traditionals is one of those bands that really is their singer and to be honest i had never heard of the band until i got their 2004 album. Later finding this album i had to double-check the bandmembers to see if this really was the same band. Donovan Greenway did the vocals on this albumand i was used to hear Rob Faulkners voice (joined in 2001) but even so its a top album.
The band is traditional in both sound and views leaving no "their on our side" for any side of the fence just giving the scene what it needs... damn good music.
If you like catchy singalong choruses then Win some lose some and No choice will be your cup of tea. My personal favourite on the album is Memories a scene-anthem that fits perfect for a late drunken saturday evening at your friends place. You're all politicians is another one of my favourites, it hands out dummysmacks to the trendy liberal youth and dont worry this is not a band like Pressure point that started out with the middlefinger both left and right but later choose recordsales over traditional values.
A great and somewhat rare album i think many have missed. Dont be one of them.

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