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måndag 1 mars 2010

Youthful offenders - Bloodshed Demo (1997)

01. Aggro
02. Working class slob
03. Your rights
04. United skins
05. Youthful offender

Self-released demotape through their Underpants records.

Released 2 years before their full-length by Vulture rock records. All these tracks where on their later record but its always fun to hear early demo versions so what the heck. The tracks are what you can expect from a demo and in no way as good as the later versions. A bit harder and more Oi!core sounding then the ones on the record but other then that its the same.
This was originally uploaded by Matt from Jukebox for the unstable so give respect where respect is due.

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  1. Especially since my bank charged me TWICE for an overdraft buying this. Shit ended up costing me $75, for a $4 casette.