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söndag 20 september 2009

Youthful offenders - Domination (1999)

01. P.B.R. bootboys
02. Working class slob
03. Nobody's hero
04. Drunk n having fun
05. Independence day
06. Your rights
07. Yarbles
08. Aggro
09. Pride
10. United skins
11. Generation lost
12. Thugs not drugs
13. Youthful offender

Released by Vulture rock in 1999 and re-released later by Pure impact on CD.
Formed in Connecticut in 1996 they released 2 demos (most songs appearing on this release) and this full-length (with a 7'' made up of songs from album).
This is ubertight Oi!-core about drinking lowpriced beer, fighting with liberals and other fun things that you can do in Connecticut.
I picked this one up by accident in a drunken "moneyspendingfrency" at a Swedish Dicipline (the group from Netherlands) show all thanks to the great distro Oi!aintdead.
Even if hardcore usually aint my favourite genre this typical American hybrid is essential in todays culture.
Top quality on all songs and my favourites are Your rights, Aggro & Thugs not drugs.
Ken Casey from Dropkick Murphys found and helped these guys with getting their stuff out there so many thanks to him.

4 kommentarer:

  1. heineken! fuck that shit!! pabst blue ribbon!!!
    it's been more than 15 years since I saw blue velvet for the first time and everytime I buy heineken (one of the most common beers in france) I think of dennis hopper (it means that I think of dennis almost everyday! (the other days, I buy kronembourg))

  2. 7th track Yarbles is a cover song as I remember. But on which band?????

  3. can you reupload it please?? :)