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fredag 25 september 2009

Adolf and the piss artists - Lights out 7'' (2004)

01. Lights out
02. One law for them (4 skins cover)
03. Go home

Released by TKO Records in 2004.
Ok so this is the (new) group named APA instead of Adolf and the piss artists. But since im a conservatist i will put them under the same name as the old band.
Chet is still on vocals and guitar duty but this time he brought along his fellow Templars friend Perry Templar on bass. Other new members are Amos Insane on drums, Dic the Mic on guitar (formerly of No holds barred) and the infamous Mark Magee who has also played in Condemned 84, Anti-heros & The glory.
Even if i dont see no reason why they should cover One law for them by 4-skins i like the new sound and specially the last track called Go home.
They are still playing and if you visit them on myspace you can listen to new songs that are still Länkunreleased. Lets hope that they release a full-lenght with this lineup.

2 kommentarer:

  1. im missin the entire catalog of apa you got here any chance you could upload all their stuff when you get the chance? thanks

    1. Might take some time but i will get to them eventually. Added them to the list right under the entire cataloge of Templars (sigh)