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onsdag 16 september 2009

Patriot - Cadence from the street (1995)

01. Trespass
02. Rat race
03. Beer run
04. D.W.I.
05. And here they lie
06. Big mouth
07. Memories of oi!
08. Cadence from the street
09. Proudly we stand
10. Timeclock bully
11. The morning after
12. Skinhead girl (Symarip cover)
13. Bois night out
14. A bit of aggro
15. Reap what you sow

Classic album released by GMM records in 1995.
Their first full-length album if you dont count the live cd they released on Sta press records a year before (which by the way was the first full-lenght live album released by any US Oi! band)

They started in North Carolina in 1990 and released 1 demo, 3 EP's, and four full-lenght albums (including the live cd).
Not the typical patriotic Oi you could expect from the band name. They play more of a "happy punk" about drinking and brotherhood. With strong anti-facist ideals and a band name that would make any AFA, ARA activist go crazy with the firebombs they instilled a lot of confusion when they first came out.
Eddie Bastard the vocalist played a big part of their fame thanks to his charisma and stage presence (a 330 pounds stage presence to be exact).

This being their first real studio full-lenght after 5 years of playing and touring they had a lot of great material to record and its realy clear on this cd.
Its happy sing-a-long punk at its best but they also bring up more serious subjects like the justice system (Trespass), death of young patriots in Vietnam (And here they lie), capitalist society (Rat race) and the importance to stand by the roots of the skinhead culture (Proudly we stand).
Even if i cant understand the reason to include a cover of the wornout skasong by Symarip (its been done by every band out there soon) its a top-notch album and everyone should go out and buy it.

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