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torsdag 10 september 2009

Battalion 86 - And the spirit survives (2002)

01. Live free or die
02. Strength for all
03. Give 'em the chair
04. Once was
05. Forgotten heros
06. Coward
07. Fight the fight
08. American working man
09. Street level justice
10. Us against them
11. STAC
12. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)
13. Richmond city Oi!
Released by Reality Clash Records in 2002.
Band from Richmond consisting of members from Counselors & Hurtin for Certain.
Started out in late 1998 but called themselfs Steel Toe Alarm Clock back then. Released a selfproduced Ep (songs also featured on this LP) and was also featured on the Full Force Attak compilation.
Its easy to hear that this album was released the year after 9/11 and as ridiculous as songs like Live free or die might sound for a swede its easy to understand the mentality they where in at the state.
This is patriotism, warmongering and anger at its most primal stage. But this is more like a patriotic pissing contest then a call for foreign genocide.
Most songs are about patriotism and "striking back" at the "attackers" but they also deal with workingclass pride (American working man) and the justice system (Give 'em the chair & Street level justice).
A superb album that is dragged down thanks to its blind patriotism. They are currently about to release a new record and i hope that they have some new song material now when the dust have settled.

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