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lördag 19 september 2009

Patriot - We the people (2000)

01. Novous ordo seclorum
02. Cohesion
03. 52 pickup
04. Songs for the youth
05. One for the youth
06. Friendly fire
07. Ales of glory
08. Red light nights
09. Chewing glass
10. DMZ
11. Tap the vein
12. Pub heros
13. You're a nowhere
14. We didnt do it
15. We'll always be around

Last album released by the group, also this on GMM Records.
Produced by no others then Rancid's Lars Frederiksen who was the nr.1 producer for GMM records at this time (also produced Anti-heros, The outsiders and many more).

A lot of lineup changes for this album and Brian from Empire falls features on bass on some of the tracks.
The sound is far from Oi! now and is in my oppinion pure streetpunk. This not saying its bad just more mainstream oriented (guess thats what happened when you let one of the biggest poppunk bandmembers produce your record).
Still some tracks stand out from the other radiopunk songs. The ska-infuenced Cohesion that was featured on the Backstreets of American Oi! Vol. 2 picks up the tempo and the track Songs for the youth sounds more like they did on their first album.
To bad the lyrics "We aint going anywhere we made ourselfs a name" talks about Oi! and not the band.
They got together again for a gig in 2004 and still show up/play on gigs around the states but dont expect a comeback album anytime soon.

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