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söndag 27 september 2009

Red, white & blue - Boys from jersey 7'' (2000)

01. Downfall of society
02. Boys from jersey

Relased by Pure impact in 2000.
This is the last release by the group and it reflects the tension within the group perfectly. Some of the members had started to move more to the right the past year and that was the reason why they broke up in the end. I meen none of the lyrics on the album are purely racist but we can all read behind the lines. I know everything aint black and white but when a purely patriotic punkband releases a 2 track single and feature 1 song about illegal imigrants and the other about not being ashamed of being white speaks volumes about the new direction.
They still have that great sound as before but the lyrics are just to much for me and i am actually glad that they never released the other 12 tracks that was planned before the breakup.
Somehow this happen to a lot off the really great skinhead bands.

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