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tisdag 1 september 2009

The mad hatters - The one...The only... (1990)

01. No time to loose
02. Bad attitude
03. Do you remember
04. Kids aint got no hope
05. Key to freedom
06. Coolskin flix
07. Eye of doubt
08. The mad hatters
09. Maxwell Thomas
10. Wildcats
11. Right or wrong

(Update 17 July 2010: Jimmy "Skinny" Emond joined this band as a vocalist after leaving the band The Uprise in 1988. Thanks to Spike Edge former creator of Skinhead Power zine for the info.)

Not in any way an Oi! band even if they might have thought so themselfs. The one...The only... American punkband who thought mixing The cure with with early 77 punkrock was a great idea.
This record was the one...the only they ever released (no shit!) and it was released by Rock-o-Rama records (they released nazi-bands such as Fortress & Sturmtrupp to so why not this crap).
About one and a half ok tracks on the whole LP (No time to loose & wildcats).
What i cant understand is how the people behind Us of Oi! Vol.1 could use one of their songs.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Rock O Rama put this out due to The Uprise tie in. Skinny Jimmy Esmonds was the singer for both bands.

  2. That is because the original line up included Jimmy Skin, Dave Giovacchini (Misunderstood), Rob (also formerly of Uprise) and Sandy Gusokowski (who owned and put out Us of OI!)

    The lineup and songs on this record only had Jimmy Skin left.

  3. The link doesn't work :/

    1. Given the fact that it's a 4 year old link i must say i am not surprised.
      I will add it to my "to do list" and re-upload the album in the comming weeks.