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fredag 11 september 2009

Stars and stripes - One man army (2004)

01. One man army
02. Running for your life
03. Subway stomp
04. Hang on (to your dreams)
05. Just fucking around
06. S.T.F.U.
07. Relegated (for Leeds)
08. Bored, bored, bored
09. 90 minutes of hell
10. Storm over Europe
11. Garden goons
12. Lets party

Released by I-Scream records in 2004.
Right after one of Slapshots greatest albums Digital warfare they made it official that a new Stars and stripes album was on its way after 15 years of silence. Everyone was pumped and pre-orders was made.
Got the cd and thought hm why did they put He-man on the cover or is this some sort of gay-flirtation joke cause none of the bandmembers look even simulair to him?
As soon as i put the cd in i found out that most things great and buried should often stay that way.
We have one of the entrepreneurs of American Oi! singing about "soccer" (like if a british punkband would sing about baseball) and partying (straight-edge-jack?).
I mean WTF? happened to the boisterous "fuck with us and we will bomb your country" songs we all loved?
With songs like S.T.F.U. (standing for Shut the fuck up) and Storm over Europe (talking about US beating the shit out of the world in hooligan streetfighting during "soccer" games hahaha) it seems Jack Kelly needs a reality check.
Only good track in the bunch is Hold on so dont make my mistake and just download this sorry excuse for a comeback.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Jack "Choke" and Mark are closet cases, you shouldn't be surprised. This band was their "Republican" outlet whenever asked. Guess they were trying to cash in on the pathetic "Spirit of '69-Trad" clone sympathies. Me, I say, "Why be something your not?" Fuck fashion it was never about fashion...



  3. You have to realize that Stars-n-Stripes was, from the start, kind of a joke-band for Choke. He was making fun of all the American bands who sing about soccer for real.

  4. En liten kommentar ett par år för sent kanske men ja ja. Visste du att det är en svensk (från Göteborg) som ritat omslaget och att på orginalbilden är den döda personen svept i den amerikanska flaggan?

  5. any chance you could re-up all the stars and stripes stuff.love the blog