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tisdag 1 september 2009

Stormwatch - At war with peace (1993)

01. Forever young
02. The next generation
03. Night comes down
04. Stay in the closet
05. Im a survivor
06. Awaken the sleeper
07. This feeling
08. At war with peace
09. Reginald denny
10. Someones gonna die (Blitz cover)
11. The seventh power
12. When no one walks in fear
13. We still stand
14. Theme song
15. Night comes down (live at the 1993 United Front show in DC)

Stormwatch was called Moral outrage at first but changed the lineup and name to Stormwatch in late 1991.
They come out of Delaware and this was the first real cd by the band. Released by Under Siege records in 1993
They where homophobic, ignorant, politically incorrect, violent and one of the greatest punkbands to ever bless the US scene.
But no matter what you have heard they where NOT racist. Even if they would have been they didnt promote it in the songs so why should you care.
Jeff (vocalist) said it himself "From day one we have stated that we are not a racistband. Bottom line is, we just plain don't give a fuck about racism. For it or against it. What Stormwatch is about and has always been about is the SKINHEAD movement. Period!"
So is it really worth the homophobia and facist tendencies you may ask yourself? Damn right it is!
Except for a few songs (Stay in the closet, Reginald Denny & Forever young) its all great songs in that typical mid-tempo US sound. Best song is Theme song. A violent and heavy song about streetfighting (not my favourite subject) and drinking.
Matt on the drums does a great job and takes the druming to that military stage where it almost sounds like siegedrums. To bad he left the band after this record.
Should you download it? Yes. Should you buy it? If it wasnt already sold out.. Yes!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hey brother, can this and the other Stormwatch files be a re-load whenever you get a chance. Love the site. Spot on reviews and cool interviews.

  2. Thanks for the upload Bernie but I was wondering is it missing a track at the end? The releases I've seen online include 2 live tracks