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söndag 20 september 2009

Boot militia - Pullin' on the boots 7'' (1999)

01. Pullin' on the boots (cover)
02. Salute
03. B.K.B.C.
04. Menace to sobriety

This Ep was self-released in 1999 and was sold by Vulture rock records.
Band with their roots in Washington. The band features Adam that would later go on to play drums in Counterattack on vocals.
They start out the record with a cover of the song from the movie Romper Stomper and a dedication to vets on Salute. On the B-side is my favourite song on the Ep called B.K.B.C. which is a crewsong (stands for Bare knuckle boot crew) and it reminds me a bit of Moloko men.
Always fun to see bands putting out their own stuff.

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  1. could you re-up this one and the boot militia split? thanks man