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fredag 11 september 2009

Stars and stripes - Shaved for battle (1989)

01. Shaved for battle
02. Skinheads on the rampage
03. Where not criminals
04. In the right
05. Street kids
06. Here's one for the lads
07. American Oi!
08. The power and the glory
09. Dedicated
10. Proud, strong and free
11. Nowhere
12. Nothing to fight for anymore
13. Gang riot
14. Doc martens army
15. Drop the bombs
16. Time to live, time to die

This time released on Jack Kelly's own record company Patriot Records (also released Bruisers & Forced reality).

Oh dear lord where whould i start with this one i mean patriotism is one thing but now their just trying to piss people off. If your sensitive about nationalism and conservative views then stay away from most of the tracks (Drop the bombs, In the right, Dedicated & Proud strong and free) which by the way are the best tracks on the LP.
This album brought them a lot of heat from many promotors and fans but also brought in a whole new crowd to the Boston hardcore scene. Slapshot being one of the biggest HC bands out there it takes a whole lot of guts to say what you feel like on an album like this.
10/10 for the songs and 10/10 for the backbone to sing them.

6 kommentarer:

  1. http://www.myspace.com/starsandstripesoi

  2. ok. but thats not contibuting.

  3. This will always be one of my favorite Oi records of all time—every song is perfect.

  4. And yeah, the second record is absolutely terrible.

  5. Speaking of Forced Reality, why don't you do a write-up on them? One of my fave US oi! acts.

  6. definitely would like to see a Forced Reality section!!!