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lördag 5 september 2009

Those unknown - And they give us the scraps (2003)

Tracklist:01. The four of us
02. Go where the kids go
03. Cries of a nation
04. No rhyme, no reason
05. The answer
06. Going strong
07. What we're saying
08. In no time nor place
09. Another face in the crowd
10. Where there's a voice
11. Sullivans wake
12. For all the hardship and all the struggle
13. Decadence and the grave
14. Small town
15. Down for the count
16. Stop the war

Not really a true release but more of a greatest hits of the songs between 1991-1996 released by TKO records. The fact that its such a great production quality on the "new" old songs you can find new favourites here that you ignored when they was originally released. Also features 8 songs that has never been released on any record before.
I never much carred for songs like No rhyme no reason or In no time nor place on the original records but with better quality they become like new again.
A lot of the songs also have a high pop-quality and the fact that song like What we're saying never became mainsteam hits makes you wonder whats wrong with the music industry.
A record that makes you pissed at the establishment and happy at the same time. Clear 10.

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