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tisdag 1 september 2009

Anti-heros - Underneath the underground (1999)

01. More stupid than stupid
02. Phoenix program
03. NLC
04. Im true
05. Matt & me
06. Red and white and black and blue
07. Rich people don't go to jail
08. World war 1.3
09. Sunset limited
10. Election day
11. Truck stop toilet
12. Underneath the underground
13. Im true (radio edit)

Anti-heros last record released by GMM records and produced by no other then Lars Frederiksen from Rancid.
Their most commercial and mature album released. Also the most political one.
This album has a more streetpunk sound to it mostly thanks to the new drummer Mark McClusky.
Best tracks are Im true, World war 1.3, Election day & Red and white and black and blue.
Its now 10 years ago since they released an album but i still havnt given up hope to see some new material.

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  1. Unfortunately due to bruised ego's and some ugly fibs surrounding a canceled Condemned 84 appearance in Atlanta the band will probably never reform again. Mark Noah sold his pizza shop, home and all the G.M.M. Records catalogue to Victory Records just before packing up and moving with his UPS pilot job to Florida.