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söndag 6 september 2009

Vibram 94 - Fight to win Ep (1994)

01. Brotherhood
02. Working class
03. Dont really care
04. Fight to win
05. Old breed (bonus song)

Not really a band but more of a project started by Taj Majors (later to play in First strike) and Bohdan (later to sing in Cut throat and Antagonizers). They also had many guestmembers through the years, Phil and Carl Templar from the Templars being the most famous but also Pete Joerger from Broken Heroes.
Played many gigs but finally went down to Templar's Acre studios in NY and recorded these songs that british Helen Of Oi! Records released in 1994.
They where on the way to release a second Ep called "You'll never take us" on Sta-press records but because of breakup and miscommunication it never reached the masses.

The record is Oi! at its most primitive and basic stages but its actually my favourite group where Bohdan did sing.
Ok recording quality and some good tunes (Fight to win & Old breed).
Since Antagonizers is on the rise (just released a split with Empire falls) this is a memorial you just cant miss out on.

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  1. Do you reckon that you could re-up this one at some point? I seem to have lost my mp3z.