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söndag 27 september 2009

2404 - Riot girl 7'' (1996)

01. Riot girl
02. Open your eyes
03. You can't get us down
04. Jon's party

Band from Philadelphia with a young Arne (of Red, white & blue) on guitar-duty.
Only realese from the band as far as i know. The band would split up the same year and go their seperate ways.

An Ep of 4 songs and 4 different musical styles.
Album starts out with the album titled ska-song Riot girl which stands out a bit from what Arne would later go on to play.
Second track Open up your eyes is more streetpunk and probably the most "pop" one.
Third one You can't get us down is pure hardhitting Oi! and Red, white & blue would later go on to record the same track. The best one on this Ep in my oppinion.
Last track named Jon's party is more crust and follows the crusttrend with keeping the track under one and a half minute long.
Solid release from a band who's durability was way to short. A must have for anyone with good taste in music.

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  1. any chance you could re-upload this one? can't find the damn thing anywhere.

    1. Will upload it it this weekend