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måndag 30 april 2012

Patton's legion - Boot boy way LP (??)

01. Way of life
02. F.R.M.
03. Yarbles
04. Boot boy way
05. Final stand
06. Guns and violence
07. Cooley

Released by Typhoid Courtney but god knows when.

Aint got a clue when this record was released. The copy i bought was a blank vinylcover with the songlist and coverart glued to the front (photo above). The vinyl is white and completly blank not even showing A or B sides. It says that 200 of the 600 pressed came with a booklet so if you own that version any information provided is welcome.

As cheap as the product itself is i dont really have a problem with that. My main concern is with the music. Being a longtime fan of Boot party i expected to much from Pattons legion and i must say it has sort of the same sound. I went back to listening to some Boot party yesterday to see if i remembered wrong about the band but Boot party still rocks the socks of so i cant really put my finger on whats wrong with the sound here.

Two songs stand out and the first one being Way of life,  probably the song resembling the old sound best in both the drum and guitar department. The third song Yarbles is my favourite on the record, a dark and moody song and the only song by the band that has gotten the singalong chorus thing correct if you ask me.
The same lowbudget version of the record as i have can still be bought at Dim Records but if you are a collector i would go for the one with inserts that i have seen numerous copies of on ebay.

fredag 27 april 2012

Fully loaded & Patton's legion - The Carson-Fresno Connection split 7'' (2006)

01. Fully loaded - Thief
02. Fully loaded - Welcome to L.A
03. Patton's legion - Bills to pay
04. Patton's legion - On the run

Released by Kick Rock Records in 2006.

Ripped this one about a year ago but never uploaded it when i did the Fully Loaded discography for some reason.
Representing Fresno on the b-side is none other than Patton's Legion that consists of members from Boot Party and Soldier 76. Both previously named bands are some of my favourites in US Oi! but i never really understood Patton's legion. The band also released an LP under Vultures sublabel Typhoid Courtney (when i dont know since my copy is just a blank LP and blank cover with some coverart glued on it) that i will upload next week.

Fully loaded's side is probably the best one with the superb track Thief, a song about being wrongfully accused. Their second song is good but quite weak compared to the high quality the band otherwise has.

Patton's legion's LP is far from great but the songs they bring to the table here are both of high quality. Their song On the run is not only charming but really good to and brings back the sound from Boot partys early years. On the other hand the track Bills to pay is one hell of a bore. I can hear what they went for when they recorded the song but the final result just sounds retarded.
Sold out from all distros as far as i know.

Banned from mediafire and this weeks reuploads.

Since mediafire has put a "3 strikes your out" thing that bans anyone who gets 3 takedown in one days it finally got me last week. They did a global search taking down every single file that had the word "fuck" in it. Since i had 8 albums with either a bandname containing the word "fuck" or an albumtitle with that same word i am now banned forever. Doesnt really matter to me since i left the site when i started noticing some federal backpatting tendensies. All old records from 2009, 2010 and 2011 are gone though so if you want an album then please send me an email or comment on the said post.

Heres this weeks:

V/A - Bernando says... Duck and cover Vol.1 (2011)
First Strike (1998) - In veneration off fallen heros LP
Boots with pride (2009) - Demo

torsdag 26 april 2012

Stormwatch gets ready to release their new album.

Old song, new recording. Even though i havnt heard anything else from their upcomming album the "Best American release" of 2012 seems to be set already.

tisdag 24 april 2012

Criminal intent - Thug rock (2007) -Discography-

01. Night violence
02. Crooked cops
03. Beat them down
04. It's all lies
05. Criminal intent
06. Not a skinhead
07. I don't care
08. Coatrack
09. Lowlife
10. Work for shit
11. The land we love
12. Knuckle heads

Never released as far as i know. More like a collection of their songs spread online.

(Update: 29 April 2012: A member got in contact with me and cleared up some things. Info updated)

Band from New jersey that was active in the early 00's and had a small reunion around 2007. Not around these days though.
Like most bands from the east coast it's inbreed like hell (in a good way) with Jesse who later joined Skin disorder on vocals and Tony from Dead heroes on drums. The band also had Chris on guitar and Fingerz on bass
The song recorded here was supposed to be on a full lenght but never saw the light of day.

Singer Jesse and guitarist Chris has recently started a new band called Lawbreaker and a demo will emerge soon hopefully.

The band plays classic east coast Oi! with a mixture of hardcore thrown in there (think Oxblood mixed with a bit of Fed Up! and Moloko men). With a stong vocalist and great guitarparts its a good and pleasent Oi!corish punk with some less good parts but any fan of glory days US Oi! will probably like this.
Best ones are Night violence, Not a skinhead, Lowlife. and the Squiggy sounding song I don't care.

lördag 21 april 2012

This weeks reups

Uploading 3 of the old records again requested from you which of 2 of them now has complete coverart (dont know why i didnt care about taking pictures before). Also i dont know why the hell i went so hard on the Unruly album since i love it, decerves more than a 7/10.

Urban riot (2000) - A mile in our shoes 7''
V/A - Better scene than heard CD (1998) (also took photos of all the artwork and added it)
The unruly (1998) - St LP (also took photos of all the artwork and added it)

fredag 20 april 2012

Anti-heros & Dropkick murphy's - Split 7'' (1998)

01. Anti-heros - Rich people don't go to jail
02. Anti-heros - Election day (live)
03. Dropkick murphy's - The road of the righteous
04. Dropkick murphy's - The guns of Brixton

Released by TKO Records in 1988.

One of many Anti-heros EP's i didnt own nore upload back in 2009 when i did their discography. This split is with Dropkick murphy's that i used to like back in the days but cant stand today. I thought about adding Dropkick to the site anyway mainly for the fact that the band has members from such "skinheadish" bands like The bruisers in their ranks but if there is ever a band that would put me in court for filesharing it would be this band. Another reason is that it might attract some of the kids in DM shirts walking around in my hometown and those are probably the last ones i want to write for.

Even if my love for Irish punk is as strong as my love for men in leather pants is their song The guns of Brixton actually rocks in a surprisingly nice way. No sackpipes, no accordians and not even a single lyric about working on the docks or drinking whiskey. Its a good ska-influenced song from start to finish and reminds me about why i actually liked this band back in the days.
The album can be bought for a whoopin' 18 bucks at Vinyl Junkie.

torsdag 19 april 2012

Templars - Pure brickwall recordings LP (2009)

01. Bovver boy (Orig. mix)
02. Young warrior (Orig. version)
03. Boobs & braces
04. Somethings wrong
05. The city
06. You're free
07. Templar bootboys!
08. Tell me
09. Police informer (Orig. version)
10. Fooled again
11. Sirens
12. The waiting is over (Orig. version)

Released by Vulture Rock in 2009.

One of the later and quite bootleg looking releases by Vulture's Typhoid Courtney sublabel.
When i got my copy i should have been disappointed since there really isnt much of any coverart just a piece of paper glued on to a bland vinylcartoon with a A4 insert containing the information and none of the vinylsides having any print just a handwritten A and B on each of them. Instead i was overwhelmed with warmth since this is how a lot of D.I.Y. bands here in Sweden used to do it back in the 90's. (Looking through the internet i find tons of LP's for sale with black coverart and a picture of the whole band giving the finger. Does anybody know the differance from the one that i have?)

Except from the "blast from the past" coverart there is not really a whole lot to be gained from this LP if you aint a collector or diehard. Most iof the songs have been released on CD's and LP's before and with a much better quality (the songs here are from two demo's in '92 and '93). As much as i like them their musical quality isnt that high.

The album contained atleast one song that i had never heard before, namely Boobs and braces. A great song that together with Templar Bootboys! and the early version of Fooled again makes it an enjoyable listen.
If your a collector like me you probably already own it. If your not then stick to downloading it and put your money on some other record.
The strange version with black cover is still available for purchase at:
Step1 Music
Bandworm Records

onsdag 18 april 2012

V/A - A simple understanding 7'' (2009)

01. Empire falls - Bite it you scum (GG Allin cover)
02. Bouncing betty - Commuter man (D.R.I. cover)
03. Lamones - Commando (Ramones cover)

Released by Ironclad Records (i think) in 2009.

Thanks to Anonymous European for sending it to me.

Yet another coveralbum featuring Empire falls with verry little information about who's actually behind it.

Empire falls deliver their now old but still great cover of GG Allin (one of many) and yet again i get blown away by the impact of Brians voice.

Bouncing betty is some rightwinged band that i never really cared for and this song doesnt convince me.

Lamones is a punk coverband from Italy that is known in their country for making great covers of everything from Ramones to Misfits. Great and quite popsounding singer and a great choice of song to cover.

All in all a good EP for anyone into punkcovers.

måndag 16 april 2012

American static - Soundtrack of the struggle CD (2005)

01. Stick to your guns
02. Freedom
03. Independence
04. Youth
05. Take the world
06. Summer of '76
07. Poor and the proud
08. Hooligan
09. Bloody friday
10. Stand our ground
11. Handout
12. Bloodline
13. This is our lot

Released by Street Anthem Records in 2005.

An Oi!-ish sideproject by the streetpunk band Roustabouts.
The band comes from California and consists of Mark Roustabout on vocals and guitar, Jeremy Duffy on backup vocals and bass, Dj on guitar and Kurt on drums. This was the bands only release before going back to recording music under the name Roustabouts again.

The band is a good example of how most bands are far from bad... they just play bad fucking music. Roustabouts is one out of a million of generic and "straight out the mold" streetpunk bands that makes my stomach turn every time i hear their noise. The same members decide to get a bit tougher and start recording songs about working for a living and fighting for their class (branding it Oi!). All of a sudden i quite like the band and this makes me think about how many bands there might be out there that would actually speak to me if they cleaned up their act a bit.

The sound is far from Oi! in my oppinion but also far from any streetpunk. On some songs they remind me of their friends in Pressure point and on others they even make me think of the later Patriot.

Like most popfriendly punkbands the songs on their album are either hit or miss. I like most songs untill the chorus comes into play since thats when their streetpunk roots comes up to surface. Independence, Bloodline, Handout and the fantastic Stand our ground are the few that rise above the candycoated mass. The best song on the record though is the workingclass anthem called Bloody Friday. A fantastic song with some angry lyrics and rough vocals. Though just like their friends in Pressure Point they seem to mention a whole lot of problems and a whole lot of "fighting for freedom" but never seem to give an example of how they are actually going to achive anything. Instead of listening to this cd i would like to sit down and talk economics and social integration with them one night to see if they even have a clue what they are talking about or if they simply make confused "revoltpunk" for confuced kids in Che t-shirts.
A good and long step away from the Roustabouts but still many steps left to actually be my kind of music.
The record is still up for sale at:

söndag 15 april 2012

Reuploads this week.

Keep sending in requests or leave a comment on said records post if there is any album you missed out on. Will get to the rest next week.

Special forces (1991) - Red, white & blue 7''
Hammer and the nails - Set to ruin DEMOCD (2009)
Urban riot (1998) - on the streets

onsdag 11 april 2012

The MFC - We are the drunken masters 7'' (1998)

01. Young rebels of today
02. Slow down
03. Spartan
04. The York Enquirer

Released by Dim Records in 1998.

The MFC which is short for Mafat Conspiracy (an old Nintendo 8-bits game) was an Oi! band from Pennsylvania that started around 1995. The band consisted of Jon on vocals, Ben on guitar (later took over vocalduties), Dan on bass and Andi on drums. The band went through numerous lineupchanges and also somewhat changed their sound from originally being a straight up punk/oi! band to the more melodic punksound that can be heard on this EP. Though the band recorded over 16 songs through the years this was the bands only release that i know of. They supposedly released another one before this one but i cant find it anywhere. I know they uploaded their entire discography free for download back in the days (way back) and i downloaded it but lost the harddrive where i stored it so if anyone has it laying around i would be more than happy to see it emerge again.

The is really good when they play their harder songs but their slower stuff like Young rebels of today go way over my head. The song Slow down is probably the "punkiest" one and together with my favourite song by the band Spartan this little EP sits in the front of my EP-collection. Not the best of bands but far from bad.
14 years on it can still be bought at Adler-Versand

måndag 9 april 2012

Southern riot interview and livesongs from Spring broke

The videos are a bit out of sunc but its the best i can do. Take it or leave it. Be sure to download their album Last mistake from 2004 right here on the site.

MFL & American skinhead (live)

söndag 8 april 2012

Those unruly - Selftitled CD (2009)

01. Skinhead rock'n'roll
02. Kevin is dead
03. Gone fishin'
04. Down yer local
05. Working man
06. Too violent
07. Hail Mary!
08. Adrenaline
09. Mammary lane
10. M.K. Ultra

Released by J-Line records in 2009 but licenced to H8-Pieace Records.

Thanks to Breuil Seb for sending me this one.

A band that used to be called Brass knuckle saints before but changed their name into Those unruly when one of their members joined the army. The lineup is Apolonio on vocals and guitar, Angel on drums (also played in the band Razorburn) and Roland on bass. Zeke who left for the army sometimes plays guitar for the band but dont know if he is a solid member.

The band hails from San Antonio in Texas and play a rocking Oi! that reminds me about other Texas bands like Roots of exile at some parts. While some of their songs are chaotic in a great way and the drummer has a good downbeat thing going on at some parts without going over the top to becomming the usual US HCOI! the band has a lot of issues with their sound.
First track called Skinhead rock'n'roll was the only song by the band i had heard before getting this one sent to me. It has a nice rocking feeling and is an allover tight song. Their second song called Kevin is dead (dedicated to a dead friend) is the best on the record thanks to a great chorus and a blazing drumbeat the whole song through.
The later part of the album has some issues though and songs like Working man and Mammary lane should never have been recorded let alone put on a record. Beats being skipped and a singer that falls flat even though he tries hard makes this an uneven band. Still has some good songs, just need to learn which ones to avoid.
The record can also be digitally downloaded through CD-Baby for a couple of coins. So i guess if you like it then download from there.

lördag 7 april 2012

Your wish is my command

Uploaded 3 old albums again after getting requests.

Bovver 96 - 96 bottles of hate (1998) (took new pictures of the cover and the lyrics sinc ethe old ones where a bit blurry)
Straight laced - All laced up CD + more (2004-2006)
Strikers - Demo and EP (1998-2000)

torsdag 5 april 2012

Two livesongs by the Ameriskins

2011 lineup doing a cover of Stars & stripes

We're not gonna take it cover in Texas around 2009.

Ameriskins - Demo (2009)

01. Drink, fight, fornicate
02. Out in the city
03. Skinheads on the streets
04. Don't breed 'em if you can't feed 'em
05. Bring the hammer down
06. One more round
07. Ameriskin
08. Drink to much
09. Here's for USA
10. Last call

A New orleans band with members from American outlaws. The lineup is/was Jessie on vocals, Jamie on vocals and guitar, Will on bass and Jacob on drums. This demo is all they released but in 2011 the band emerged again without Jessie on vocals so who knows if we might get a proper release in the future.

The band is not in any way great but compared to American outlaws its like a diamond phoenix arising from an hiv infested spunkbowl.
As one might understand from the bandname and the Uncle Sam outfit Jamie sometimes wear on stage this is a quite patriotic band. But somehow i cant really get past the fact that the whole patriotic part is a bit of a joke. A joke that tries to be offensive but only ends up being childish, but i guess the big joke is on those who get offended by it.
The quality of the songs differ in quality but some really great songs can be found. The song Out in the city that is as catchy as Oi! songs can get thanks to its great chorus. Both Ameriskins and Here's for USA are songs you just have to love (unless your on the recieving end of the bombs falling) with some conquer all/love it or leave it lyrics that will have even the most conservative liberals running for the hill.
Wish this band could release a proper album so they can show their true potential.

tisdag 3 april 2012

Marching on - Shores of Vinland CD (2000)

01. Public defender
02. Nation of my own
03. My side
04. Gone
05. Irony of it all
06. Attitude now
07. Shores of Vinland

Released by NorDisc in 2000.

Straight after the Brian Dana left one of my favourite US Oi! bands The unruly the rest of the members continued playing under this new name. We now have Dave Niles on vocals and guitars, Owen Bauer on bass and Scott Lobato on drums.

Anyone familiar with The unruly will feel well comfortable around Marching on even though they are a bit more balladic this time around. A thing that might turn some people of is the bands right-turn in the intersection. The unruly was always a rightwinged band with some heavy anti-left lyrics and a patriotic stance but this time around they have left the "non-political" label behind and stand united under a banner of nationalism. This new approach comes of clear in their song Attitude now with lyrics like "Things aint the same, times are changing/Its time for me to do some re-arranging/It's not enough for just patriotism/Now the attitude is nationalism". On the other hand those lyrics are as "extreme" as it gets so anyone struck with RAC-fear can easily enjoy this release without suffering from bleeding hearts or symptoms of being a cunt.

The best songs on the record are Nation of my own and Irony of it all. The last one is the one that reminds me most about The unruly, a great band that dissapeared as quickly as they came.

söndag 1 april 2012

First offense - The faith to stand your ground CD (2007)

01. Fallen soldiers
02. Downtown at dawn
03. The fight must go on
04. The wayside
05. Rise above (Black flag cover)
06. Killing time
07. Pile of broken glass
08. Dirty Americans
09. Laced for battle '07
10. Courage in the crowd
11. Carry on

Released by Step Up! Records in 2007.

I quite enjoyed their split with C.L.1 the other year but i guess before something gets good it has to go really really bad. Checking around on the internet i notice the record has recieved some quite positive reviews so i guess it's just me who cant stand it. The vocalist is annoying at best, the drummer does his own little thing unaware of what the rest of the band is doing and the lyrics are cheesy as hell (especially Pile of broken glass). If it wasnt for the fact that the band gives away the record as a free download i would have pointed the "sellout finger" at them. Guess i just dont understand the band, their sound or what they are trying to achieve with it.
Or download the album for free from their bandcamp site here.