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torsdag 19 april 2012

Templars - Pure brickwall recordings LP (2009)

01. Bovver boy (Orig. mix)
02. Young warrior (Orig. version)
03. Boobs & braces
04. Somethings wrong
05. The city
06. You're free
07. Templar bootboys!
08. Tell me
09. Police informer (Orig. version)
10. Fooled again
11. Sirens
12. The waiting is over (Orig. version)

Released by Vulture Rock in 2009.

One of the later and quite bootleg looking releases by Vulture's Typhoid Courtney sublabel.
When i got my copy i should have been disappointed since there really isnt much of any coverart just a piece of paper glued on to a bland vinylcartoon with a A4 insert containing the information and none of the vinylsides having any print just a handwritten A and B on each of them. Instead i was overwhelmed with warmth since this is how a lot of D.I.Y. bands here in Sweden used to do it back in the 90's. (Looking through the internet i find tons of LP's for sale with black coverart and a picture of the whole band giving the finger. Does anybody know the differance from the one that i have?)

Except from the "blast from the past" coverart there is not really a whole lot to be gained from this LP if you aint a collector or diehard. Most iof the songs have been released on CD's and LP's before and with a much better quality (the songs here are from two demo's in '92 and '93). As much as i like them their musical quality isnt that high.

The album contained atleast one song that i had never heard before, namely Boobs and braces. A great song that together with Templar Bootboys! and the early version of Fooled again makes it an enjoyable listen.
If your a collector like me you probably already own it. If your not then stick to downloading it and put your money on some other record.
The strange version with black cover is still available for purchase at:
Step1 Music
Bandworm Records

9 kommentarer:

  1. i think the black one with the different art is the one i had, the second pressing. it still had the same shitty glue on art, and a photocopied 2 sided insert. i'm pretty sure it had no label on the record either, i can't rememebr it's been stolen since. -jesse

  2. "none of the vinylsides having any print just a handwritten A and B on each of them"

    Mine didn't even have that. Had to look at the matrix to figure out which side was which... :)

    Good record though. Mine has the other cover too.


  3. Warboots:
    My insert only has one side printed and the other side blank.

    Phil: Now thats just plain lazy! I often bitch about bands not writing RPM on the records haha

  4. I have my suspicions that the Vulture Rock man is just putting these together in his house using his own photocopier and his own glue...

    Have you heard the Sledge Hammer one in the same series? That's really good. Well, if you like Japanese oi, it is. I don't have much of an idea what any of the songs are about, but the music is great.

    Oh yeah - are you bothering with the re-release of 'Dans Les Catacombs' that TKO Records have just put out (remastered with a couple more songs, it is)? I've ordered it because I don't have the original...


    1. Longtime fan of Japans SSS scene and both Sledgehammer and Bull the buffalos are on top of my list. If it wasnt for Vulture rock i would never even have heard of either of those bands.

      Didnt bother with any of these old re-releases since its just cheap tricks in my book with no relevance to what punk is for me. Lately bands like Templars and Headwound has started reprinting old releases when their old are still available in stores. I dont buy the whole "giving fans a chance" thing that goes behind it. Its plain and simple moneygrabbing mentality by bands and should have no place in an undeground subculture.

      I hear bands all screaming "stop filesharing" and "support the scene" but most of them dont support the scene in any other way than playing shows and releasing albums in exchange for money.

      Punk should not replace a dayjob.
      (ranting a bit maybe)

    2. A band reissuing an album that's been OOP for a while and selling for inflated prices (such as this one), I don't mind.

      Or at least I'd been unable to find a copy of the old version that was in decent condition and selling for a reasonable price.

      Or compiling a bunch of split-single and compilation tracks from long-deleted releases onto CD. I actually wish that the Templars would round up the rest of their non-album tracks this way, you know. I'm not into spending large sums of money for used 7" vinyl.

      What does take the piss, IMO is when bands start behaving like total rock whores and releasing deluxe heavyweight vinyl box sets in a range of different colours and patterns (gotta catch 'em all!) or re-releasing an old album over three 7" records, each about the same price as the whole thing on CD, or those those stupid shaped picture discs... that sort of thing. Bonus asshole points if they're a re-formed band that last recorded something new decades ago and just exist to play greatest hits at punk fests...

      Bands that release 'new' albums and EPs mostly filled with re-recorded versions of their old songs can go screw themselves too.

      (my rant)

  5. Mine is orange vinyl and the insert says it was supposed to be released with a magazine, I was pretty disappointed with this release, but I'm a Fanatic so I'll keep it forever.


  6. I just noticed that the insert in my copy is different to yours.

    It's not much different, but here's a scan if you're interested...


    Mine is just a single-sided photocopy.