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fredag 27 april 2012

Fully loaded & Patton's legion - The Carson-Fresno Connection split 7'' (2006)

01. Fully loaded - Thief
02. Fully loaded - Welcome to L.A
03. Patton's legion - Bills to pay
04. Patton's legion - On the run

Released by Kick Rock Records in 2006.

Ripped this one about a year ago but never uploaded it when i did the Fully Loaded discography for some reason.
Representing Fresno on the b-side is none other than Patton's Legion that consists of members from Boot Party and Soldier 76. Both previously named bands are some of my favourites in US Oi! but i never really understood Patton's legion. The band also released an LP under Vultures sublabel Typhoid Courtney (when i dont know since my copy is just a blank LP and blank cover with some coverart glued on it) that i will upload next week.

Fully loaded's side is probably the best one with the superb track Thief, a song about being wrongfully accused. Their second song is good but quite weak compared to the high quality the band otherwise has.

Patton's legion's LP is far from great but the songs they bring to the table here are both of high quality. Their song On the run is not only charming but really good to and brings back the sound from Boot partys early years. On the other hand the track Bills to pay is one hell of a bore. I can hear what they went for when they recorded the song but the final result just sounds retarded.
Sold out from all distros as far as i know.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I really enjoyed this as I like Boot Party and Soldier 76 a lot, Fully Loaded is a very good band.
    I also enjoyed the Patton's Legion side too.
    I thought that Typhoid Courtney was the label that followed Vulture Rock. I was kind of under the impression that John had stopped putting things out on the Vulture Rock label? Just something I've heard thru the grapevine as I don't personally know John, just heard of him.


    Brian Guy

    1. You might be right Brian but i think i recall someone saying Vulture released some Spanish or French band last year. Its a lable dearly missed never the less.

    2. Yeah, they put this out.


      The Vulture Rock top boy is 'turntableteen' on eBay - I don't think that it's supposed to be a secret. I'd imagine that most people who're reading this have bought things from his (huge) punk/oi/rock shop on there...


    3. Yeah i bought one of his personal EP-packages when he was cleaning out his collection. Top prices.