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fredag 27 april 2012

Banned from mediafire and this weeks reuploads.

Since mediafire has put a "3 strikes your out" thing that bans anyone who gets 3 takedown in one days it finally got me last week. They did a global search taking down every single file that had the word "fuck" in it. Since i had 8 albums with either a bandname containing the word "fuck" or an albumtitle with that same word i am now banned forever. Doesnt really matter to me since i left the site when i started noticing some federal backpatting tendensies. All old records from 2009, 2010 and 2011 are gone though so if you want an album then please send me an email or comment on the said post.

Heres this weeks:

V/A - Bernando says... Duck and cover Vol.1 (2011)
First Strike (1998) - In veneration off fallen heros LP
Boots with pride (2009) - Demo

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  1. There's loads of 2012 shit that's gone too.