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onsdag 11 april 2012

The MFC - We are the drunken masters 7'' (1998)

01. Young rebels of today
02. Slow down
03. Spartan
04. The York Enquirer

Released by Dim Records in 1998.

The MFC which is short for Mafat Conspiracy (an old Nintendo 8-bits game) was an Oi! band from Pennsylvania that started around 1995. The band consisted of Jon on vocals, Ben on guitar (later took over vocalduties), Dan on bass and Andi on drums. The band went through numerous lineupchanges and also somewhat changed their sound from originally being a straight up punk/oi! band to the more melodic punksound that can be heard on this EP. Though the band recorded over 16 songs through the years this was the bands only release that i know of. They supposedly released another one before this one but i cant find it anywhere. I know they uploaded their entire discography free for download back in the days (way back) and i downloaded it but lost the harddrive where i stored it so if anyone has it laying around i would be more than happy to see it emerge again.

The is really good when they play their harder songs but their slower stuff like Young rebels of today go way over my head. The song Slow down is probably the "punkiest" one and together with my favourite song by the band Spartan this little EP sits in the front of my EP-collection. Not the best of bands but far from bad.
14 years on it can still be bought at Adler-Versand

6 kommentarer:

  1. I have their other 7". The cover is a drawing of a skinhead on a sort of Akira-style motorcycle and was drawn by Ryan from Boots and Suits zine. Side A is "One Day" and Side B is "I Need a Purpose" and "D-Day". It was released on Black Hole Records out of Philly. They later stopped playing oi and reformed as a punk band called Fake Fight.

    1. I have seen the cover of it but never found any ones for sale so i always thought that one was more of a "banner" for the band.
      Time to start searching for it.

    2. I got it from the band. I interviewed them for an old zine after they became Fake Fight. I think I even have some of their patches still.

  2. There's also a Split 7" with JAMES LOVE JACKSON on NOLO Records

  3. Just so you know, Dim Records did actually release this record (Dim 061), if you visit Dim Records website and click on the "Label" section, you'll find the information.