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söndag 8 april 2012

Those unruly - Selftitled CD (2009)

01. Skinhead rock'n'roll
02. Kevin is dead
03. Gone fishin'
04. Down yer local
05. Working man
06. Too violent
07. Hail Mary!
08. Adrenaline
09. Mammary lane
10. M.K. Ultra

Released by J-Line records in 2009 but licenced to H8-Pieace Records.

Thanks to Breuil Seb for sending me this one.

A band that used to be called Brass knuckle saints before but changed their name into Those unruly when one of their members joined the army. The lineup is Apolonio on vocals and guitar, Angel on drums (also played in the band Razorburn) and Roland on bass. Zeke who left for the army sometimes plays guitar for the band but dont know if he is a solid member.

The band hails from San Antonio in Texas and play a rocking Oi! that reminds me about other Texas bands like Roots of exile at some parts. While some of their songs are chaotic in a great way and the drummer has a good downbeat thing going on at some parts without going over the top to becomming the usual US HCOI! the band has a lot of issues with their sound.
First track called Skinhead rock'n'roll was the only song by the band i had heard before getting this one sent to me. It has a nice rocking feeling and is an allover tight song. Their second song called Kevin is dead (dedicated to a dead friend) is the best on the record thanks to a great chorus and a blazing drumbeat the whole song through.
The later part of the album has some issues though and songs like Working man and Mammary lane should never have been recorded let alone put on a record. Beats being skipped and a singer that falls flat even though he tries hard makes this an uneven band. Still has some good songs, just need to learn which ones to avoid.
The record can also be digitally downloaded through CD-Baby for a couple of coins. So i guess if you like it then download from there.

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  1. Haven't heard this one yet...thanks, B. Been wanting to check it out for a while.