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tisdag 24 april 2012

Criminal intent - Thug rock (2007) -Discography-

01. Night violence
02. Crooked cops
03. Beat them down
04. It's all lies
05. Criminal intent
06. Not a skinhead
07. I don't care
08. Coatrack
09. Lowlife
10. Work for shit
11. The land we love
12. Knuckle heads

Never released as far as i know. More like a collection of their songs spread online.

(Update: 29 April 2012: A member got in contact with me and cleared up some things. Info updated)

Band from New jersey that was active in the early 00's and had a small reunion around 2007. Not around these days though.
Like most bands from the east coast it's inbreed like hell (in a good way) with Jesse who later joined Skin disorder on vocals and Tony from Dead heroes on drums. The band also had Chris on guitar and Fingerz on bass
The song recorded here was supposed to be on a full lenght but never saw the light of day.

Singer Jesse and guitarist Chris has recently started a new band called Lawbreaker and a demo will emerge soon hopefully.

The band plays classic east coast Oi! with a mixture of hardcore thrown in there (think Oxblood mixed with a bit of Fed Up! and Moloko men). With a stong vocalist and great guitarparts its a good and pleasent Oi!corish punk with some less good parts but any fan of glory days US Oi! will probably like this.
Best ones are Night violence, Not a skinhead, Lowlife. and the Squiggy sounding song I don't care.

4 kommentarer:

  1. You ever notice that bands from New Jersey, never say where in New Jersey they are from? It's kind of strange, as I've never seen a band from any other state really do that.
    Jersey really does get a bad rap in my opinion.


    Brian Guy

    1. Which is sort of wierd since the only prejudice i have about people from Jersey is that they are Italian mobsters or rocky lookalikes working the docks.

  2. I have to admit that my wife is from New Jersey and even she hates the Garden State. I remember being in Philadelphia once and saying,"hey lets go see New Jersey." She pointed across the river and,"that's New Jersey, now you've seen it." it was pretty funny. Also the fact that don't have to pay the toll on the bridge to get to Jersey, but you have to pay it to get back out of Jersey.

    I don't know what I saw of it wasn't too bad. Cape May, NJ is rather nice.


    Brian Guy

  3. Haha a fee to escape it thats hilarious. As a Swede watching it from the outside i have the image that Sopranos gave us but as you describe it i think more of the old movie Escape from New York.