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söndag 1 april 2012

First offense - The faith to stand your ground CD (2007)

01. Fallen soldiers
02. Downtown at dawn
03. The fight must go on
04. The wayside
05. Rise above (Black flag cover)
06. Killing time
07. Pile of broken glass
08. Dirty Americans
09. Laced for battle '07
10. Courage in the crowd
11. Carry on

Released by Step Up! Records in 2007.

I quite enjoyed their split with C.L.1 the other year but i guess before something gets good it has to go really really bad. Checking around on the internet i notice the record has recieved some quite positive reviews so i guess it's just me who cant stand it. The vocalist is annoying at best, the drummer does his own little thing unaware of what the rest of the band is doing and the lyrics are cheesy as hell (especially Pile of broken glass). If it wasnt for the fact that the band gives away the record as a free download i would have pointed the "sellout finger" at them. Guess i just dont understand the band, their sound or what they are trying to achieve with it.
Or download the album for free from their bandcamp site here.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I listened to all of the First Offense stuff while at work today, and all the releases sounded pretty much the same to me. Being a sucker for cover songs I really enjoyed the Black Flag cover and the fact they really made it their own, even if it was kind of sloppy.


    Brian Guy

    1. Yeah i know it's not a bad band or anything. Just feels like they are catering for the wrong crowd. Their split with CL1 is way better. You should check it out.