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tisdag 3 april 2012

Marching on - Shores of Vinland CD (2000)

01. Public defender
02. Nation of my own
03. My side
04. Gone
05. Irony of it all
06. Attitude now
07. Shores of Vinland

Released by NorDisc in 2000.

Straight after the Brian Dana left one of my favourite US Oi! bands The unruly the rest of the members continued playing under this new name. We now have Dave Niles on vocals and guitars, Owen Bauer on bass and Scott Lobato on drums.

Anyone familiar with The unruly will feel well comfortable around Marching on even though they are a bit more balladic this time around. A thing that might turn some people of is the bands right-turn in the intersection. The unruly was always a rightwinged band with some heavy anti-left lyrics and a patriotic stance but this time around they have left the "non-political" label behind and stand united under a banner of nationalism. This new approach comes of clear in their song Attitude now with lyrics like "Things aint the same, times are changing/Its time for me to do some re-arranging/It's not enough for just patriotism/Now the attitude is nationalism". On the other hand those lyrics are as "extreme" as it gets so anyone struck with RAC-fear can easily enjoy this release without suffering from bleeding hearts or symptoms of being a cunt.

The best songs on the record are Nation of my own and Irony of it all. The last one is the one that reminds me most about The unruly, a great band that dissapeared as quickly as they came.

3 kommentarer:

  1. "suffering from bleeding hearts or symptoms of being a cunt" :)

  2. Never thought id read about Marching on, on a swedish blog. Still have the "minicd", Unruly seven inch and ´12. Have a straight edge fanzine from NYC called Sealed for safety that has a Unruly interview. Theyre amin infulences were the Bad brains and tons of "leftist" bands.

    Sad that they went down that "path". Very... almost extremely talanted musicians. The controvery about Shoes of vinlands isnt so much the lyrics... but the thank you list that includes proper fucking brown shirts.

    Extremt bra sida! Intresset för amerikansk oi har jag så gott som anldrig stött på i Sverige.

    1. Their third band Kick to kill was way more outspoken with their views and even though i shamefully admit i quite like their sound it is to damn hateful for me to spread on the internet.

      I know what you mean most Swede's intrest in US Oi! stops after Templars and Anti-Heros.
      (blir konfunderad, ska man skriva på Svenska eller Engelska tillbaka)