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lördag 7 april 2012

Your wish is my command

Uploaded 3 old albums again after getting requests.

Bovver 96 - 96 bottles of hate (1998) (took new pictures of the cover and the lyrics sinc ethe old ones where a bit blurry)
Straight laced - All laced up CD + more (2004-2006)
Strikers - Demo and EP (1998-2000)

8 kommentarer:

  1. Could you re-u/l the Unruly's self-titled album when you get the time? Thanks. I'm trying to decide whether to buy this on CD (if I can find it for a none too expensive price) but I can't locate a decent rip of it online.

    Also - any plans to write about the YDL? Or is yet another stupid debate about Nazis and Commies and SHARP and reds and boneheads and fascism and what the song 'Skinheads 88' really meant something that you're trying to avoid on your blog for the time being? :)

    Regards, Phil.

    1. Will upload it next week. About YDL it will come in the future, its just that i have always been so confused with their discography so i always push it forward. The same goes for Iron Cross and Forced reality. They will all come in the future.

    2. When it comes to Iron Cross, I think that their discography is just this:

      Original version:
      * 3 songs on 'Flex Your Head' comp.
      * Skinhead Glory EP
      * Hated And Proud EP
      * Live For Now! album - containing all the above, plus unreleased songs

      Reformed version:
      * 4 songs on '2 Piece And A Biscuit' album
      * 2 songs on split with Keyside Strike
      * Est. 1980 EP (came out a few weeks ago)

      AFAIK (anyone feel free to correct me), everything else is out there is a bootleg, containing stuff that's available on the above releases and maybe a few live songs.

      Not sure about YDL's discography, TBH - other than that you can get most of their songs on that 'Voice Of Brooklyn' LP.

      Have you heard the new Iron Cross EP by the way? I wasn't really that impressed by it.


    3. Then i should be good since the bootleg LP i bought covers all their original line-up stuff. Never heard their new EP but didnt like anything by Sab past '83 so my hopes are not really that high.

    4. I think that there's only actually 1 new original song on there.

      Two of the other are covers I think (though I've never heard the originals), one is a re-do of Sab Grey & The Royal Americans 'Wasted In DC' (which is a really good song, IMO - but it doesn't really sound much different here) and then there's a re-do of Crucified.

      It's far from essential.

      Just my musings on the matter, anyhow.

  2. Thanks bro! Your blog rules!!

  3. Hey Bernando!!! Sounds great that finally the YDL becomes a part of your blog, thinking about it I'm looking forward to it now for quite a while already, haha;-). Iron Cross and Forced Reality? Yeahr!!! AWESOME!!! Can't wait for it!!! Get it settled together man, hurry up, haha;-)!!!
    PS: I think that you already have it, but if not then do yourself the favor and check the "A BETTER TOMORROW" four way 7'' split out: NOi!se, The Broadsiders and Sydney Ducks (totally unknwon before this 7'' to me) with great new songs (also Razors In The Night are on it and damn rule again, even they aren't your faves, haha;-)...) that left at least me very hungry for far more!!!
    Cheers & Oi!
    -Manslaughter Andy

    1. Razors in the night is far from a bad band, not just my music. The other bands are all great.