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måndag 30 april 2012

Patton's legion - Boot boy way LP (??)

01. Way of life
02. F.R.M.
03. Yarbles
04. Boot boy way
05. Final stand
06. Guns and violence
07. Cooley

Released by Typhoid Courtney but god knows when.

Aint got a clue when this record was released. The copy i bought was a blank vinylcover with the songlist and coverart glued to the front (photo above). The vinyl is white and completly blank not even showing A or B sides. It says that 200 of the 600 pressed came with a booklet so if you own that version any information provided is welcome.

As cheap as the product itself is i dont really have a problem with that. My main concern is with the music. Being a longtime fan of Boot party i expected to much from Pattons legion and i must say it has sort of the same sound. I went back to listening to some Boot party yesterday to see if i remembered wrong about the band but Boot party still rocks the socks of so i cant really put my finger on whats wrong with the sound here.

Two songs stand out and the first one being Way of life,  probably the song resembling the old sound best in both the drum and guitar department. The third song Yarbles is my favourite on the record, a dark and moody song and the only song by the band that has gotten the singalong chorus thing correct if you ask me.
The same lowbudget version of the record as i have can still be bought at Dim Records but if you are a collector i would go for the one with inserts that i have seen numerous copies of on ebay.

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  1. I finally got around to listening to this at work the other day. I have to say that it left me feeling pretty unimpressed, all the songs seemed the same to me and nothing really stood out. I was expecting a lot more considering the pedigree of this band. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either. You're giving it a 6/10 was pretty right on.


    Brian Guy

  2. F.R.M. - one of the most retarded songs ever written? I thought so, to be honest.

    I bought this album on the strength of Boot Party having never heard it on mp3 before and I very nearly stopped the record with a 'fuck these guys' when I heard it - and I'm not (usually) one of those really easily offended people either.


    1. Know what you mean Phil. Even though the lyrics are hard to hear the ones that are clear makes me wish they where not. I dont get offended by their muslimbashing or the fact that they use lyrics like "one nation under god", what really pisses me of is how childish and uninspiring the lyrics really are.

    2. My copy has a lyric sheet in it.


      The song's got that horrible 'they say it's about the naughty Muslims/terrorists/suicide bombers/etc., but it kinda sounds like it's about them all' vibe.

      The line "We'll all be thanking Jesus and going to Valhalla" has all sorts wrong with it too.

      I scanned the rest of the insert too. It's just a couple of black and white photocopied sheets folded (badly) together - thought you might be able to use them:

      p1 - http://i45.tinypic.com/xnufr9.jpg
      p2 - http://i48.tinypic.com/2af08qr.jpg
      p3 - above
      p4 - http://i49.tinypic.com/2u9sd8p.jpg
      p5 - http://i46.tinypic.com/riz2i0.jpg


    3. "We'll all be thanking Jesus and going to Valhalla" haha never even thought about that line. Thanks for the scans

  3. Hey, I just saw something on eBay that you might be interested in...

    Take a look at item number 160848231307

    The Vulture Rock man is selling the original Patton's Legion and Soldier 76 masters. For not a bad price either, considering.


    1. Got Soldier 76 on CD and Pattons on VInyl so thats a bit to hardcorecollecting for me. If i lived in the states and didnt risk paying custodyfine (which can be up to 90 dollars). Think i'll pas but thanks for the tip.

    2. I very briefly considered buying them myself - but I don't even have anything to play DAT tapes.

      Maybe as an investment? But I have no idea how much these things are really worth or how they increase in value over time. I mean, Solder 76 are not exactly the Beatles, are they?

      You know what's going to happen? People (maybe even tens of people!) are going to pester the band members for a reissue of their stuff, but the answer is going to be 'sorry - we don't know where the master tapes are'...


    3. "well i do, some guy named Bernando has 'em and he says he wants $10.000 to release them"
      Fucking hell, i just found my calling in life. The Michael Jackson of the Oi! movement. Buying up all the rights and masters and finally living large on some island when Lars Frederiksen has made it the next big thing on the radio.

  4. Stormwatch. You're the one who's got their tapes, aren't you?!?

    The temptation would surely be to buy up all Rancid Lars-related stuff you can find and just sit on it forever...

    Hey, did you ever hear the story about Lars pretty much doing the above with Skrewdriver albums in record shops - to stop impressionable kids getting hold of them? Don't know if that's really true (or if maybe that's just what he tells people when they see that he has a room full of Skrewdriver records!), but it's something I've heard repeated several times on the internet.


    1. Haha yeah i heard that stuff to, and then this internet came along and made every punk a nazi.... Only goes to show what low views he has on subculture kids. I dont think Skrewdriver has produced a single facist in the modern scene. Romper stomper might have produced 10 or something but the other 99.8% of all the "nazi-skins" is a fine example of multiculture and integration gone wrong. Being one of 3 "white" kids at school has "white unity" written all over it, something uppercalss liberals will never understand.