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söndag 29 november 2009

The burnt - Social disease 7'' (1987)

01. Social disease
02. Plastic girls

Released by Headache records in 1987.

This was the album that started one of the early 90's biggest and most respected American punklabels Headache records. The label was started by The burnt's bass-player Pit (that is probably more known as Armen) he would later be the vocalist in The wretched ones.
The label released a lot of great bands and always keept high quality on the groups they worked with. They released Niblick henbane ,Limecell, Squiggy (before they started their own Squiggytone records), Urban riot and Toughskins to name a few.

Great record with slapping drums and Dog the vocalist sounds a bit "Misfit" in his delivery.
Greatest track is Social disease and probably my favourite track by the band.

The burnt - Wheres my head? LP (1985)

01. D.W.I.
02. Living in MP
03. Patterson
04. Life stinks
05. Hey old man
06. I hate you
07. Rail road track
08. Wartime
09. Brass monkey
10. Holiday in Guyana
11. Lets fight
12. Where oh where did my baby go?
13. Action action
14. Garbage can
15. Work
16. The game
17. Who says
18. We dont belong to nobody
19. Forget about it

Released by Mutha records in 1985.

The last release through Mutha records and the cover is like a wet dream for music nerds like myself. The face of the guy on the cover is an almoust identical image that they used for their own label Headache records that they started just 2 years after this release.

This album features some tracks that The wretched ones would later remake in the 90´s (Hey old man and We belong to nobody).
Many tracks both short and long from the 12 second track Garbage can (that has a 6 second intro before the song starts haha) to the more laidback track Holiday in Guyana that reaches over 4 minutes (damn great track to).
Many good songs and among the favourites are Life stinks, We dont belong to nobody, I hate you and Holiday in Guyana.

lördag 28 november 2009

The burnt - MP EP (1983)

01. Let me out
02. The luftwaffe
03. Up the river
04. Industrial accident
05. The flintstones
06. Teachers pet
07. Horse meat

Their first release ever. Released by Mutha records in 1983.

This was the band that would later become The wretched ones and a lot of that bands most famous song are actually The burnt songs. They formed in 1979 and was heavily influenced by The ramones, Dead boys and other punkrock bands of that era. Started by the punkveterans Pit and B.T (still members of The wretched ones) they had a hard time to get gigs around Bergen N.J where they originate from so they often had to lie and promote themselfs as a metal-band to get any gigs. It didnt take long until Mark Chesley of Mutha records heard of them and signed them to his label. In late 80's they droped the band and the band moved on to create Wretched.

The quality of the songs on this release is in no way great and i have a hard time listening to artsyfartsy fast punk of this era but these guys have some great (though short) songs on this release.
You can clearly hear their influences from The ramones and that is in my oppinion something positive.
Best songs in the bunch are The luftwaffe (damn catchy chorus), The flintstones (they released a better version later on) and Teachers pet (34 seconds of pure hate and jealousy).

fredag 27 november 2009

Look out for.

Murderers row - The bully breed
Set to be released by iScream Records in the end of 2009/start of 2010. From what i have heard of the promo material it seems they have raised the tempo and it sounds a bit more metal or atleast a bit more hardcore then the older releases. The stuff i heard sounds good even if its the same tired old lyrics about drinking and beating people upp in the process.
Keep your eyes open for the release since i wont upload it until it has sold for atleast 2 years.

Murderers row - Beer fueled mayhem (2007)

01. Barbrawl
02. Irish car bomb
03. Street punk
04. Dear mr. music critic
05. Foe
06. Crazy, sick, psychotic
07. Manitoba (feat. Jimmy Gestapo of Murphys law)
08. My heart is a clenched fist
09. For the road
10. Gimme the money
11. Ragnarök (feat. Harley Flanagan)

Released by Rebellion Records (Europe) in 2007.

Great influences from AC/DC and Motörhead and with the same childish lyrics as on the earlier releases. Even if most songs are utter garbage there are some gems on this record. The starting track called Barbrawl, the outlaw anthem Crazy sick and psychotic and Ragnarök that finishes the album of and features Harley Flanagan from the infamous Cro-mags (and the awful Harleys war).
Save your money on this one. There is better stuff out there.

tisdag 24 november 2009

Murderers row - A 12 pack of brewtality (2005)

01. Intimidation (The bruisers)
02. Guiness boys (The business)
03. Skins for skins (Youth defence league)
04. Violence (Combat 84)
05. Riot (The oppressed)
06. Chaos (4-skins)
07. Fight 'em all (Iron cross)
08. 15 pints (Forced reality)
09. Bustin out (Wolfpack NY)
10. He's a skin (Anti-heros)
11. Nothing (Negative approach)
12. Sick and tired

Released by Black rose promotions in late 2005.

First of all what fucking retard at Black rose made this album cover?
Second why did the band let the retards release this joke?
Why even make a cover of a song if it isnt better or atleast a new take on the old song?
This is a cd with 10 awfull covers slaughtering the original songs, 1 ok cover and one uninspired and tired track written by the group.
Only reason for you to download this is to hear an ok version of Forced realitys classic drinkingsong 15 pints. There is no other reason. I so wish Black rose is a guy bootlegin shit he stole from the group and leaked against their will cause i cant see nobody liking this stuff.
What pisses me of is the pure talent out there that never gets a chance to record their stuff cause some fuckers think they can sell crap like this and make a buck.
The worst album in my entire collection.

Murderers row - Urban shocker (2004)

01. This town we own
02. Drinking in Deutschland
03. More rock and roll
04. Drunk and tattooed
05. Youre all fucked up
06. With my back to the wall
07. Die with my boots on
08. Let freedom ring
09. We drink all night
10. Fuck you (i hope you die)
11. Nice boys (Rose tattoo cover)
12. Johnny vandal
13. Working man

Released by German United against society in 2004.

Their second album named after an infamous baseball player from NY.
Big line-up changes on this album. Leo Curly from Biohazard helps Nick on the guitars and Bob Agars was replaced by Walter Ryan on drums (used to play in Madball, Subzero and Machine head).
The lyrics on the album aint no better then on the first. Drinking, fighting and fighting when drinking are the subjects on this one as well.
Album features a Rose Tattoo cover and its clear that this band had a lot of influences on their musical direction after the hardcore years.
Best songs are Drinking in Deutschland, Die with my boots on, Let freedom ring and With my back to the wall (those who have followed the blogg knows i am a sucker for organs and synthesizers).
Even if there is a lot of great songs there are some really bad songs on their to (thinking of More rock and roll and the awfull attempt to make an Irish ballad on Johnny vandal that turnes out more hillbilly then celtic).

Murderers row - Menace to sobriety (2002)

Group members:
Bob Riley on vocals (formerly of Stigmata)
Sick Nick on guitar
Mike Gragnano on bass (formerly of Dying breed) later replaced
Bob Agars on drums (formerly of Wartime Manner) later replaced

A band hailing from the New York backalleys of Troy. They formed sometime around 2000 and released a EP called Fightin and boozin (all tracks later re-released on full-lengths). The band consists of old members from the legendary NYHC bands Dying breed and Stigmata but this is far from metal or hardcore. Think old British punk mixed with early hardrock and a whole lot of drunken bandsessions and you have Murderers Row.

01. Fightin and boozin
02. Broken bones
03. Dont want you here
04. I'll always be here
05. Watch me fall
06. Aggrovation
07. Glory days
08. All we are
09. My little Molly
10. Live by the drink, die by the drink
11. On the road
12. We want more beer
13. Some fun
14. We trudge alone

Released by Gangstyle Records in 2002.

After being involved in a crash with the bandvan they found themselfs locked in the studio to record their first full-length album. If you want an album with diverse and serious lyrics look elsewere cause these guys are about drinking, puking and beating up people while they are drinking. If you like rock influenced punk with a touch of irish aggression this will fitt you nicely.
Bob Riley has a great voice and the once who are used to hearing him in Stigmata will notice the difference in musical influences since he last was active.
Greatest tracks are Dont want you here, Fightin and boozin and We trudge alone (where Bob actually sounds a bit like Ian Stuart).
Even if it aint my favourite song i like the fact that Bob dedicated a song to his daugher on My little Molly to balance out the whole macho-attitude that dominates the rest of the album.
Not one of the best bands out there but not in any way a bad band.

Ok so now im back.

Sorry for the lack of updates on the site. Since i work for one of Europes biggest electronic companies we have had a busy time filling up the warehouse with new stuff for christmas. Lot of overtime and a huge lack of interest in anything electronic when i get home from work. I will keep a more steady update rate in the future. Maybe not once a day but a few updates aweek atleast.
//Cherrios Bernandos

onsdag 18 november 2009

Ax-wielding mayhem In Troy.

On September 29 off-duty police officer Charles Castle went to investigate loud shouting near 704. Second Ave. in Troy. When arriving at the scene he found 46 year old Nicholas Manupella in an argument with 2 teenagers. Nicholas was wielding an ax and was heavily intoxicated. The argument started when Nicholas confronted the 2 youngsters about some cruched bottles outside Nicholas appartment. When police officer tried to difuce the situation Nicholas turned at him and raised the ax as if to make a swing at him. He was tackled to the ground and disarmed and is now waiting charges.

Why am i writing about this you might ask yourself? Well the 46 year old was "Sick Nick" one of the founders and lead guitarist of Murderers Row.
Since their rythm guitarist was arrested just about 2 weeks before this incident we can all hope that this aint the end of this great band.
I wish Nick good luck in the trial and the rest of the band good luck on the new record soon to hit shady distro's around the world.

tisdag 17 november 2009

Red, white & blue - Skinhead crew demo (1995)

01. Streets
02. Way of life
03. Boots of pride
04. Red, white & blue skinhead crew

Self-released in 1995.

First songs ever recorded by this great band. It has low quality and is on cassette but its still better then most masterd punkcrap released today.
All these songs was later featured on real releases and in better quality but the song Boots of pride is actually better in this older version.
Thanks to Punks, skins and herberts for this tape.
For info on the band check out my other posts on them.

söndag 15 november 2009

Nuts & bolts - We dont wanna wake up (2007)

01. I believe
02. This is hell
03. Beauty sleep
04. Young reckless, responsibly insane
05. Better days
06. This game called life
07. Cocodrine catastrophe
08. 78-94
09. The whites of your lies
10. Nuts & bolts
11. Never forget
12. The reducer
13. Another day in paradise

Released by Funeral records in 2007.

Latest release by this Oakland based group.
The sound is a bit more singalong this time. Good choruses and Jagger gets some help on most songs by backup vocals from the other members. Even if a lot of the tracks are pure garbage (Another day in paradise and This game called life) i think it has more all-around value then their self-titled album.
Cant help but singalong to the songs This is hell and Better days.
Group is still active so you will see me writing more about them in the future cause they are surely going in the right direction.

Lyrics for Bandera by First strike

A song dedicated to Stepan Bandera the leader of Ukraines Nationalist party that was assasinated by the KGB in 1959.
War hits the east Russia aint got a clue
Nazi steamroller charging on and breaking through
Reds caught by surprise and their falling back
Ukraine in the middle. Swastika, hammer, sickle you will attack

You fought the reds, you fought the nazi scum
For nazis and communists mercy you had none

Nazi philofosy or red slavery
Both equals death so you fought to keep your nation free
The 2 beasts from the east and the west destroyed your nation
Spilling blood of reds and nazis was your retaliation

You fought the reds, you fought the nazi scum
For nazis and communists mercy you had none

Caught in the crunch the flame of life burns slow
You fought for the nation, you fought from the soul
Freedom from oppression this was your goal
Death to tyrannts both right and left, let all people know

You fought the reds, you fought the nazi scum
For nazis and communists mercy you had none
You fought the reds, you fought the nazi scum
For nazis and communists mercy you had none

Nuts & bolts - Demo (2005)

01. Friday night
02. Big boy barbecue
03. Peace pipe
04. Nothings impossible
05. The young ones

Self-released in 2005.

A demo i found floating around in a wierd russian forumboard. It is supposedly from 2005 but since it features a track that was released a year before i have my doubts about that information being right.
Anyway this is a great demo and has way better tracks then the official release a year before.
Best track is the third one called Peace pipe that uses an organ (haha) and i must say it again Give us more pianoplay in Oi!.
Great quality on the tracks and nice r'n'r feeling the whole demo through.
Other great tracks are Friday night and The young ones.

lördag 14 november 2009

Nuts & bolts - Nuts and bolts (2004)

01. Solitude
02. Corruption
03. Honor bound
04. Destiny
05. Big boy barbeque
06. Dawn of the snake
07. Down and out
08. Government gangster
09. What i am
10. Happy without pills (+ hidden track)

Released by Funeral records in 2004.

A band from Oakland in California. They claim to be the only skinhead Oi! band in the entire Oakland area and i guess we just have to believe them by their words.
The band consists off Jagger on vocals, Diogo on guitar, Justin on bass and Nick on drums.
They draw influences from english Oi! but also from early hardcore and thats where my problem with these guys come in. Here is another singer heavily influenced by hardcore and on most tracks its hard to hear what he is singing and if you would like to sing along it would mostly sound like " wuuuowiiiwuuuwööö" in the verses.
They where formed in 1999 and didnt release anything untill this record so the material is a bit off a dissapointment. I would have thought that 5 years off writing lyrics and practicing would have resulted in atleast a couple of punkhits but they are all abscent here.
2 good tracks in the bunch. Dawn of the snake and the skinhead anthem What i am (not in any way as good as the song off the same name by Skinflicks.

onsdag 11 november 2009

Jack the lad - Burning cities 7'' (1993)

01. Business man
02. Jack the lad
03. Let down
04. Burning cities

Released by GMM Records in 1993.

Last record and it was release through their friend Mark Noah's new recordlabel. Since Anti-heros also got cheated by Mr. Brennan and Link records this feels like a personal record atleast the first track.
A bit harder sound on this release and i am probably the only one that thinks this but i thought the first one was way better.
The best track is the title-track that is a direct response to the Rodney King riots (that was specially hard in Atlanta). The civil victims of these riots was innocent (and yes they where white).

Later the same year they called it quits and did a last show at the Ska, Oi & Punk festival where they anounced the breakup.

söndag 8 november 2009

Jack the lad - War dreams 7'' (1992)

01. Lovers lane
02. Never forget
03. Shot 'em up
04. War dreams

Released by by Knob Fu Records in 1992.

A band that rose from the ruins of the band Moonstomp with a very short but productive carrer.
Townshend and Gary Yoxen from Moonstomp got together with Mark Magee from Anti-heros and Condemned 84 (he knew Townshends brother Alan from the days they played with the "new" The glory). I do not know who played the drums in this band but all i know it was supposed to be Greg Psomas from The Tombstones but he died from an overdose just a few days before they recorded this EP.

The album is basic and simple but with surprisingly advanced guitarplay (thanks to the very experienced and skilled Mark Magee). The bandmembers was never really satisfied with the end results of the release but i cant hear whats not to like.
Best tracks are War dreams and Never forget which is a dedication to all American soldiers that has died in foreign conflicts and as i said before you can clearly hear how advanced Mark is compared to most other guitarists in Oi!.
The album has a bit haunting sound if you compare it to their other release. I think its mostly thanks to the second one having higher production value and better equipment but i like this quiet yet hard sound.

lördag 7 november 2009

Moonstomp - They never see (1989)

01. Nothing at all
02. To proud to beg
03. Head kicked in tonight (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
04. Stars n stripes
05. Streets at night
06. They never see
07. Satch
08. Strong free nation
09. Get you back
10. No money
11. Honest workin' man
12. Under attack
13. Havin' fun
14. Blue ridge mountains (Albert Campbell cover)

Released by Link Records in 1989.

A classic skinhead band from Atlanta (though almost all members was from St Lous originally) that had a short and hard history in the world of Oi!.
It was started by Gary Yoxen, Townshend and his brother Alan (that played in The glory when it was restarted in USA) in the late 80's. Another member that was in and out of the band was "Big Ed" that would later play in the WP band Bound for glory.
They released this album through Link records but like Anti-heros and many other bands was cheated by the label and never recieved any pay. And on top of this it didnt take long until they where branded as nazi's cause of some of their lyrics on the release. They never cared to defend themsels against the crucification since they disbanded the group a year after.

After this Townshend and Gary Yoxen started the band Jack the lad together with Mark Magee (from Condemned 84, The glory and Anti-heros).

The album is pure hardhitting patriotic Oi! and its a shame they never got payed anything for it.
Some of the lyrics on the album are a bit shady for a band that never was racist but dont worry there is nothing offensive in the lyrics.
This album features (in my oppinion) the best version off the over-used song Head kicked in that even makes a humble Swede like me feel a bit aggro when played.
Too proud to beg, Strong free nation and Stars n stripes are all songs worthy off your attention.

..Note.. This album was re-released as a double cd together with The kicker boys album by Step-1 Music in 2001. This upload is from that release so it features some tracks that was never in the original release. More tracks and all the original ones so there is nothing to cry about here.

tisdag 3 november 2009

The service - Who's criminal? (1999)

01. Opening day
02. 2000 class
03. City kids
04. Mighty spirit
05. Key to this blood
06. Milwaukee road
07. Stain
08. Punching the pavement
09. Common bond convict
10. Face me
11. Streetlife
12. Testify
13. Time & place
14. True bue brew cre
15. Who's criminal?

Released by GMM Records in 1999.

You can hear that they have been hanging out with groups like Offspring and Dropkick Murphys the latest years. Their sound is more advanced and produced and thats not a plus in my book. Dont get me wrong they are still good and Spanky still delivers his wierd pause-stop singing on the tracks but it sounds a bit uninspired (on the other hand i have First strike as one off my favourite groups so my musical taste is a bit fucked up).

The opening track is the best one and Spanky reminds me a bit of Erickson from Strongarm & the bullies on that track.
Other good tracks are Testify and Streetlife.
After this release they split up but and went on to other bands but they sometime now and then make reunion-shows in Millwaukee so maybe we can see some more off them in the future.

The service - Man's ruin (1996)

01. The quickening
02. Pacer pop
03. Bottles, knifes & baseball bats
04. American graffiti
05. Disco boys
06. The man with no name
07. Frenzy
08. Dont feed the animals
09. Soul to rock n roll
10. Shake a tail feather
11. Hamburger hill
12. Never trust the press
13. Man's ruin

Released by DSS Records in 1996.

A classic punk record that stands on its own. There is nothing spectacular about the drums or the chords and the lyrics aint nothing new. Its the way they are delivered by Spanky that makes this album stand out. Just listen to the fourth track American graffiti and you'll know what i am talking about.
The album is smacked full off great tracks. All from Clint Eastwood tribute on The man with no name to the psychotic vigilante track Frenzy.
They also deliver more political tracks like Never trust the press and Dont feed the animals.

måndag 2 november 2009

The service - Young & Strong 7'' (1995)

01. Young & strong
02. Carry on Oi!

Released by DSS records in 1995.

Formed in 1992 by the former members of skaband The Static that added the bands roadie Spanky on vocals (one off the greatest vocalists in punk hidd away as a roadie haha someone should make a movie about this).
They had a seflreleased 7'' called American graffiti (released through Iron block records) in 1994 and a year later got a real recorddeal for the 7'' Young & strong by Austrian record company DSS Records.
They later released two full-lengths and quickly got a name for themselfs. In the end they toured with the big boys off punk such as Offspring, Dropkick murphys and Dee dee ramone.

The sound on this album is pure hardhitting Oi! and Spankys vocals are as always topnotch.
Both tracks are great and its hard to pick a favourite.
Be sure to download this piece off punkhistory.

söndag 1 november 2009

Menstrual cycles - Half skin, half punk 7'' (1983)

01. Retirement home
02. Rejected from the premises
03. Kill the president
04. Oi! warning

Self-released through Cycles 1 in 1983.

Dont really know if this counts as an American punkband since they are originaly from UK. The singer moved to Miami to try and get a record-deal and they ended up recording this and releasing it all on American soil (since i dont know of any other releases it counts as a US group in my book).

This is like a blend of anarchopunk and hardcore mixed with a touch off Oi!
The quality is gutter and 3 of the 4 tracks is utter garbage but the last song Oi! warning is awesome in that garageway that anarchopunk should be.
This is a rarity so give it a try.

Sons of liberty - Join or die (2007)

01. Justice denied
02. Join or die
03. All that counts
04. Lockout
05. Lets go phantoms
06. Foolkiller
07. Porter
08. Up on the roof
09. Same old
10. Washington square
11. Anti-trust
12. Middle aged Oi!
13. December
14. One of us
15. Salut piggy

Released by Dim records in 2007.

Prior to this album Steve left the band and was replaced by Kevin (who also left right after this album) and Mike was replaced by Darryl on drums.
Dont know what has happened to Lon on this album but i actually like his singing but i think its beacause he articulates the words more now.
Two tracks dedicated to hockey on this album, on Lets go phantoms they shout out there love for the Philadelphia Phantoms and use supporterchants without making it sound cheesy.
Before this release they released a 4-track EP called Justice denied through American Defence that are all featured on this album and one of those songs are Up on the roof that is my favourite track of the bunch.
To bad they disbanded the group when it started to sound good but the fact that they in september this year made a reunion show (though Bob was missing on bass) gives me some hope to hear something new and better.

Sons of liberty - Border brawl (2002)

01. In memorium
02. Sons of liberty
03. Border brawl
04. Antietam
05. Roll call
06. Slum river (Arresting Officers cover)
07. We shall meet again
08. Palmetto
09. Minutemen
10. Dutys call
11. Black tuesday
12. Youre so dumb (Skrewdriver cover)

Released by Dim Records in 2002.

More lyrics about the civil war and more headaches from Lon's attempt to sing.
The selftitled track and Palmetto might be good tracks but on the rest its absolutely impossible to decifer what the hell he is trying to sing about.
This could surrely be a great album if they got a new vocalist.
This is a record i would rather just ignore and so should you.

Sons of liberty - We shall meet again 7'' (2001)

01. We shall meet again
02. December
03. The rogue's march
04. Dutys call

Released by Dim Records in 2001.

A philly based band formed in 2000 by Steve & Bob from Arresting officers and Limecell.
They took their bandname from a band off citizen soldiers fighting for liberty against the British army during the civil war. Basing a lot of their lyrics around the civil war and using coverart from the same war so you know what to expect from this band.
This is a band that i would like to worship but i never really got into thanks to their first singer Lon's voice. He uses that tired growl style when he sings that 95% fails to succed with.

Its nice to hear Steve and Bob play some more laidback riffs in mid-tempo after the speed-devil sound of Limecell. All lyrics on this album are great but thanks to Lon's voice its hard to hear them. I have all lyrics from the album in the download so check them out.

Limecell and Sons of liberty - AO tribute Split 7'' (2005)

01. Limecell - Evil has landed (Arresting officers cover)
02. Sons of liberty - Slum river (Arresting officers cover)

Released by Dim Records in 2005.

This is a wierd album to say the least. This is basically the same band with different drummer and vocalist in all three. As metioned before Steve and Bob used to play guitar and bass in Arresting officers and after the breakup of the band they started Limecell and around 2001 they started the band Sons of liberty as another project.
It feel a lot like singing "happy birthday" for yourself but its nice to see that they are not ashamed off their earlier musical roots.

Limecells side is the better one (since i always liked Kevins vocals better then Lon's) but i dont understand their changing off the lyics. They make a song about illegal immigrants and replace the word immigrant with terrorists. I dont understand nothing since the last time i checked terrorists didnt undermine the security off the workingmans rights or leech off taxmoney. They are often somewhat financially stable lunatics that like to blow things up.
If this is some kind off way to cash in on the "war on terror" i think its a stupid move but great cover anyway. Fun to hear Kevins voice to this old classic.
Sons of liberty covers one off my favourite tracks but thanks to Lon's voice it sounds like rubbish. This band has some great songs but not this track.

(Update March 2010) By accident Dim records added a track by Hated and proud instead of SOL's song. This mistake resulted in 3 ugly (but from what i have heard great sounding) copies from the testpressing. After noticing the mistake the SOL track was added and this was the result. As you might understand i would really like to get my hands on one off these 3 testprintings so if you have it e-mail me.

Limecell - Its gonna get ugly (2003)

01. Its gonna get ugly
02. Typical
03. Fair one
04. Rage
05. Got it made
06. Room keeps spinning
07. Rainy day
08. Guilty
09. Car wreck desire
10. Blacklist
11. The lariat
12. Working mans a sucker
13. Wretched tale

Released by TKO Records in 2003.

Another powerfull release by these misfits. Not as great as the previous release but good nonetheless. They have slowed down the tempo without loosing their hard edge and the lyrics are as fucked up as always. They make a tribute to Jeffrey Dahmer (the cannibal massmurderer) on the track Rage and another tribute track on The Lariat dedicated to the redneck wrestler Stan Hansen calling him the "Proud and ugly American".
Best tracks are Fair one talking about how great it was back in the days when you could have a fistfight without someone pulling out a gun and the track Working mans a sucker that for a change doesnt glorify us lazy bastards that never got the balls to go to college and now piss our lifes away at some shitjob (sad song but true).