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söndag 15 november 2009

Nuts & bolts - Demo (2005)

01. Friday night
02. Big boy barbecue
03. Peace pipe
04. Nothings impossible
05. The young ones

Self-released in 2005.

A demo i found floating around in a wierd russian forumboard. It is supposedly from 2005 but since it features a track that was released a year before i have my doubts about that information being right.
Anyway this is a great demo and has way better tracks then the official release a year before.
Best track is the third one called Peace pipe that uses an organ (haha) and i must say it again Give us more pianoplay in Oi!.
Great quality on the tracks and nice r'n'r feeling the whole demo through.
Other great tracks are Friday night and The young ones.

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  1. That's kinda funny...first time I found this was on some Russian site, too. Of course, it's sitting on a dead hard drive right now and I couldn't remember where the hell I found it. Thanks for the new copy!