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söndag 1 november 2009

Limecell and Sons of liberty - AO tribute Split 7'' (2005)

01. Limecell - Evil has landed (Arresting officers cover)
02. Sons of liberty - Slum river (Arresting officers cover)

Released by Dim Records in 2005.

This is a wierd album to say the least. This is basically the same band with different drummer and vocalist in all three. As metioned before Steve and Bob used to play guitar and bass in Arresting officers and after the breakup of the band they started Limecell and around 2001 they started the band Sons of liberty as another project.
It feel a lot like singing "happy birthday" for yourself but its nice to see that they are not ashamed off their earlier musical roots.

Limecells side is the better one (since i always liked Kevins vocals better then Lon's) but i dont understand their changing off the lyics. They make a song about illegal immigrants and replace the word immigrant with terrorists. I dont understand nothing since the last time i checked terrorists didnt undermine the security off the workingmans rights or leech off taxmoney. They are often somewhat financially stable lunatics that like to blow things up.
If this is some kind off way to cash in on the "war on terror" i think its a stupid move but great cover anyway. Fun to hear Kevins voice to this old classic.
Sons of liberty covers one off my favourite tracks but thanks to Lon's voice it sounds like rubbish. This band has some great songs but not this track.

(Update March 2010) By accident Dim records added a track by Hated and proud instead of SOL's song. This mistake resulted in 3 ugly (but from what i have heard great sounding) copies from the testpressing. After noticing the mistake the SOL track was added and this was the result. As you might understand i would really like to get my hands on one off these 3 testprintings so if you have it e-mail me.

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  1. Jason Thompson6 juni 2011 13:09

    We have the southern border with mexico. They have caught middle eastern terrorists posing as mexicans and sneaking across the border here. Might be the reference to "terrorists." Also La Raza has terrorist elements. On a side note..surprised you do not have Forced Reality on your blog.

  2. Ha, I just realized there isnt any Forced Reality either. Surprised, considering they are one of the biggest US oi bands