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tisdag 24 november 2009

Murderers row - Menace to sobriety (2002)

Group members:
Bob Riley on vocals (formerly of Stigmata)
Sick Nick on guitar
Mike Gragnano on bass (formerly of Dying breed) later replaced
Bob Agars on drums (formerly of Wartime Manner) later replaced

A band hailing from the New York backalleys of Troy. They formed sometime around 2000 and released a EP called Fightin and boozin (all tracks later re-released on full-lengths). The band consists of old members from the legendary NYHC bands Dying breed and Stigmata but this is far from metal or hardcore. Think old British punk mixed with early hardrock and a whole lot of drunken bandsessions and you have Murderers Row.

01. Fightin and boozin
02. Broken bones
03. Dont want you here
04. I'll always be here
05. Watch me fall
06. Aggrovation
07. Glory days
08. All we are
09. My little Molly
10. Live by the drink, die by the drink
11. On the road
12. We want more beer
13. Some fun
14. We trudge alone

Released by Gangstyle Records in 2002.

After being involved in a crash with the bandvan they found themselfs locked in the studio to record their first full-length album. If you want an album with diverse and serious lyrics look elsewere cause these guys are about drinking, puking and beating up people while they are drinking. If you like rock influenced punk with a touch of irish aggression this will fitt you nicely.
Bob Riley has a great voice and the once who are used to hearing him in Stigmata will notice the difference in musical influences since he last was active.
Greatest tracks are Dont want you here, Fightin and boozin and We trudge alone (where Bob actually sounds a bit like Ian Stuart).
Even if it aint my favourite song i like the fact that Bob dedicated a song to his daugher on My little Molly to balance out the whole macho-attitude that dominates the rest of the album.
Not one of the best bands out there but not in any way a bad band.

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