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tisdag 3 november 2009

The service - Man's ruin (1996)

01. The quickening
02. Pacer pop
03. Bottles, knifes & baseball bats
04. American graffiti
05. Disco boys
06. The man with no name
07. Frenzy
08. Dont feed the animals
09. Soul to rock n roll
10. Shake a tail feather
11. Hamburger hill
12. Never trust the press
13. Man's ruin

Released by DSS Records in 1996.

A classic punk record that stands on its own. There is nothing spectacular about the drums or the chords and the lyrics aint nothing new. Its the way they are delivered by Spanky that makes this album stand out. Just listen to the fourth track American graffiti and you'll know what i am talking about.
The album is smacked full off great tracks. All from Clint Eastwood tribute on The man with no name to the psychotic vigilante track Frenzy.
They also deliver more political tracks like Never trust the press and Dont feed the animals.

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