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lördag 7 november 2009

Moonstomp - They never see (1989)

01. Nothing at all
02. To proud to beg
03. Head kicked in tonight (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
04. Stars n stripes
05. Streets at night
06. They never see
07. Satch
08. Strong free nation
09. Get you back
10. No money
11. Honest workin' man
12. Under attack
13. Havin' fun
14. Blue ridge mountains (Albert Campbell cover)

Released by Link Records in 1989.

A classic skinhead band from Atlanta (though almost all members was from St Lous originally) that had a short and hard history in the world of Oi!.
It was started by Gary Yoxen, Townshend and his brother Alan (that played in The glory when it was restarted in USA) in the late 80's. Another member that was in and out of the band was "Big Ed" that would later play in the WP band Bound for glory.
They released this album through Link records but like Anti-heros and many other bands was cheated by the label and never recieved any pay. And on top of this it didnt take long until they where branded as nazi's cause of some of their lyrics on the release. They never cared to defend themsels against the crucification since they disbanded the group a year after.

After this Townshend and Gary Yoxen started the band Jack the lad together with Mark Magee (from Condemned 84, The glory and Anti-heros).

The album is pure hardhitting patriotic Oi! and its a shame they never got payed anything for it.
Some of the lyrics on the album are a bit shady for a band that never was racist but dont worry there is nothing offensive in the lyrics.
This album features (in my oppinion) the best version off the over-used song Head kicked in that even makes a humble Swede like me feel a bit aggro when played.
Too proud to beg, Strong free nation and Stars n stripes are all songs worthy off your attention.

..Note.. This album was re-released as a double cd together with The kicker boys album by Step-1 Music in 2001. This upload is from that release so it features some tracks that was never in the original release. More tracks and all the original ones so there is nothing to cry about here.

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  1. Cool, I have the original version and I've seen that re-issue, but I never noticed there were extra tracks. Just didn't pay attention, I guess. Gonna have to dig it up. Thanks.