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tisdag 24 november 2009

Murderers row - Urban shocker (2004)

01. This town we own
02. Drinking in Deutschland
03. More rock and roll
04. Drunk and tattooed
05. Youre all fucked up
06. With my back to the wall
07. Die with my boots on
08. Let freedom ring
09. We drink all night
10. Fuck you (i hope you die)
11. Nice boys (Rose tattoo cover)
12. Johnny vandal
13. Working man

Released by German United against society in 2004.

Their second album named after an infamous baseball player from NY.
Big line-up changes on this album. Leo Curly from Biohazard helps Nick on the guitars and Bob Agars was replaced by Walter Ryan on drums (used to play in Madball, Subzero and Machine head).
The lyrics on the album aint no better then on the first. Drinking, fighting and fighting when drinking are the subjects on this one as well.
Album features a Rose Tattoo cover and its clear that this band had a lot of influences on their musical direction after the hardcore years.
Best songs are Drinking in Deutschland, Die with my boots on, Let freedom ring and With my back to the wall (those who have followed the blogg knows i am a sucker for organs and synthesizers).
Even if there is a lot of great songs there are some really bad songs on their to (thinking of More rock and roll and the awfull attempt to make an Irish ballad on Johnny vandal that turnes out more hillbilly then celtic).

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