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tisdag 3 november 2009

The service - Who's criminal? (1999)

01. Opening day
02. 2000 class
03. City kids
04. Mighty spirit
05. Key to this blood
06. Milwaukee road
07. Stain
08. Punching the pavement
09. Common bond convict
10. Face me
11. Streetlife
12. Testify
13. Time & place
14. True bue brew cre
15. Who's criminal?

Released by GMM Records in 1999.

You can hear that they have been hanging out with groups like Offspring and Dropkick Murphys the latest years. Their sound is more advanced and produced and thats not a plus in my book. Dont get me wrong they are still good and Spanky still delivers his wierd pause-stop singing on the tracks but it sounds a bit uninspired (on the other hand i have First strike as one off my favourite groups so my musical taste is a bit fucked up).

The opening track is the best one and Spanky reminds me a bit of Erickson from Strongarm & the bullies on that track.
Other good tracks are Testify and Streetlife.
After this release they split up but and went on to other bands but they sometime now and then make reunion-shows in Millwaukee so maybe we can see some more off them in the future.

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