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lördag 28 november 2009

The burnt - MP EP (1983)

01. Let me out
02. The luftwaffe
03. Up the river
04. Industrial accident
05. The flintstones
06. Teachers pet
07. Horse meat

Their first release ever. Released by Mutha records in 1983.

This was the band that would later become The wretched ones and a lot of that bands most famous song are actually The burnt songs. They formed in 1979 and was heavily influenced by The ramones, Dead boys and other punkrock bands of that era. Started by the punkveterans Pit and B.T (still members of The wretched ones) they had a hard time to get gigs around Bergen N.J where they originate from so they often had to lie and promote themselfs as a metal-band to get any gigs. It didnt take long until Mark Chesley of Mutha records heard of them and signed them to his label. In late 80's they droped the band and the band moved on to create Wretched.

The quality of the songs on this release is in no way great and i have a hard time listening to artsyfartsy fast punk of this era but these guys have some great (though short) songs on this release.
You can clearly hear their influences from The ramones and that is in my oppinion something positive.
Best songs in the bunch are The luftwaffe (damn catchy chorus), The flintstones (they released a better version later on) and Teachers pet (34 seconds of pure hate and jealousy).

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