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måndag 2 november 2009

The service - Young & Strong 7'' (1995)

01. Young & strong
02. Carry on Oi!

Released by DSS records in 1995.

Formed in 1992 by the former members of skaband The Static that added the bands roadie Spanky on vocals (one off the greatest vocalists in punk hidd away as a roadie haha someone should make a movie about this).
They had a seflreleased 7'' called American graffiti (released through Iron block records) in 1994 and a year later got a real recorddeal for the 7'' Young & strong by Austrian record company DSS Records.
They later released two full-lengths and quickly got a name for themselfs. In the end they toured with the big boys off punk such as Offspring, Dropkick murphys and Dee dee ramone.

The sound on this album is pure hardhitting Oi! and Spankys vocals are as always topnotch.
Both tracks are great and its hard to pick a favourite.
Be sure to download this piece off punkhistory.

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  1. You can find both of these tracks, plus the track 'Crazy All The Way', on the comp 'Rockin' The Streets (1st Round)'.