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söndag 8 november 2009

Jack the lad - War dreams 7'' (1992)

01. Lovers lane
02. Never forget
03. Shot 'em up
04. War dreams

Released by by Knob Fu Records in 1992.

A band that rose from the ruins of the band Moonstomp with a very short but productive carrer.
Townshend and Gary Yoxen from Moonstomp got together with Mark Magee from Anti-heros and Condemned 84 (he knew Townshends brother Alan from the days they played with the "new" The glory). I do not know who played the drums in this band but all i know it was supposed to be Greg Psomas from The Tombstones but he died from an overdose just a few days before they recorded this EP.

The album is basic and simple but with surprisingly advanced guitarplay (thanks to the very experienced and skilled Mark Magee). The bandmembers was never really satisfied with the end results of the release but i cant hear whats not to like.
Best tracks are War dreams and Never forget which is a dedication to all American soldiers that has died in foreign conflicts and as i said before you can clearly hear how advanced Mark is compared to most other guitarists in Oi!.
The album has a bit haunting sound if you compare it to their other release. I think its mostly thanks to the second one having higher production value and better equipment but i like this quiet yet hard sound.

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  1. Jack The Lad was probably my favorite band to see as a kid when I lived down south. That SOAP fest wasn't their last show. They had played a good number of shows after that.

    Moonstomp did the Nutter Tour with Condemned 84 back in 88. That's where Mark met Alan and those guys. Also, Mark and Cliff of C84 stayed behind and lived in ATL.

    The original lineup also featured Phil Hayes who later went on to Brickwall United. There was a demo of this line up. I had bought a copy when I saw them open for The Exploited and Biohazard in like 90 or 91. Sadly my friends honda ate it. That is something woth looking for as well.