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onsdag 18 november 2009

Ax-wielding mayhem In Troy.

On September 29 off-duty police officer Charles Castle went to investigate loud shouting near 704. Second Ave. in Troy. When arriving at the scene he found 46 year old Nicholas Manupella in an argument with 2 teenagers. Nicholas was wielding an ax and was heavily intoxicated. The argument started when Nicholas confronted the 2 youngsters about some cruched bottles outside Nicholas appartment. When police officer tried to difuce the situation Nicholas turned at him and raised the ax as if to make a swing at him. He was tackled to the ground and disarmed and is now waiting charges.

Why am i writing about this you might ask yourself? Well the 46 year old was "Sick Nick" one of the founders and lead guitarist of Murderers Row.
Since their rythm guitarist was arrested just about 2 weeks before this incident we can all hope that this aint the end of this great band.
I wish Nick good luck in the trial and the rest of the band good luck on the new record soon to hit shady distro's around the world.

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