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fredag 27 november 2009

Murderers row - Beer fueled mayhem (2007)

01. Barbrawl
02. Irish car bomb
03. Street punk
04. Dear mr. music critic
05. Foe
06. Crazy, sick, psychotic
07. Manitoba (feat. Jimmy Gestapo of Murphys law)
08. My heart is a clenched fist
09. For the road
10. Gimme the money
11. Ragnarök (feat. Harley Flanagan)

Released by Rebellion Records (Europe) in 2007.

Great influences from AC/DC and Motörhead and with the same childish lyrics as on the earlier releases. Even if most songs are utter garbage there are some gems on this record. The starting track called Barbrawl, the outlaw anthem Crazy sick and psychotic and Ragnarök that finishes the album of and features Harley Flanagan from the infamous Cro-mags (and the awful Harleys war).
Save your money on this one. There is better stuff out there.

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