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onsdag 11 november 2009

Jack the lad - Burning cities 7'' (1993)

01. Business man
02. Jack the lad
03. Let down
04. Burning cities

Released by GMM Records in 1993.

Last record and it was release through their friend Mark Noah's new recordlabel. Since Anti-heros also got cheated by Mr. Brennan and Link records this feels like a personal record atleast the first track.
A bit harder sound on this release and i am probably the only one that thinks this but i thought the first one was way better.
The best track is the title-track that is a direct response to the Rodney King riots (that was specially hard in Atlanta). The civil victims of these riots was innocent (and yes they where white).

Later the same year they called it quits and did a last show at the Ska, Oi & Punk festival where they anounced the breakup.

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