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tisdag 24 november 2009

Murderers row - A 12 pack of brewtality (2005)

01. Intimidation (The bruisers)
02. Guiness boys (The business)
03. Skins for skins (Youth defence league)
04. Violence (Combat 84)
05. Riot (The oppressed)
06. Chaos (4-skins)
07. Fight 'em all (Iron cross)
08. 15 pints (Forced reality)
09. Bustin out (Wolfpack NY)
10. He's a skin (Anti-heros)
11. Nothing (Negative approach)
12. Sick and tired

Released by Black rose promotions in late 2005.

First of all what fucking retard at Black rose made this album cover?
Second why did the band let the retards release this joke?
Why even make a cover of a song if it isnt better or atleast a new take on the old song?
This is a cd with 10 awfull covers slaughtering the original songs, 1 ok cover and one uninspired and tired track written by the group.
Only reason for you to download this is to hear an ok version of Forced realitys classic drinkingsong 15 pints. There is no other reason. I so wish Black rose is a guy bootlegin shit he stole from the group and leaked against their will cause i cant see nobody liking this stuff.
What pisses me of is the pure talent out there that never gets a chance to record their stuff cause some fuckers think they can sell crap like this and make a buck.
The worst album in my entire collection.

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