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söndag 1 november 2009

Sons of liberty - Join or die (2007)

01. Justice denied
02. Join or die
03. All that counts
04. Lockout
05. Lets go phantoms
06. Foolkiller
07. Porter
08. Up on the roof
09. Same old
10. Washington square
11. Anti-trust
12. Middle aged Oi!
13. December
14. One of us
15. Salut piggy

Released by Dim records in 2007.

Prior to this album Steve left the band and was replaced by Kevin (who also left right after this album) and Mike was replaced by Darryl on drums.
Dont know what has happened to Lon on this album but i actually like his singing but i think its beacause he articulates the words more now.
Two tracks dedicated to hockey on this album, on Lets go phantoms they shout out there love for the Philadelphia Phantoms and use supporterchants without making it sound cheesy.
Before this release they released a 4-track EP called Justice denied through American Defence that are all featured on this album and one of those songs are Up on the roof that is my favourite track of the bunch.
To bad they disbanded the group when it started to sound good but the fact that they in september this year made a reunion show (though Bob was missing on bass) gives me some hope to hear something new and better.

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