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söndag 1 november 2009

Limecell - Its gonna get ugly (2003)

01. Its gonna get ugly
02. Typical
03. Fair one
04. Rage
05. Got it made
06. Room keeps spinning
07. Rainy day
08. Guilty
09. Car wreck desire
10. Blacklist
11. The lariat
12. Working mans a sucker
13. Wretched tale

Released by TKO Records in 2003.

Another powerfull release by these misfits. Not as great as the previous release but good nonetheless. They have slowed down the tempo without loosing their hard edge and the lyrics are as fucked up as always. They make a tribute to Jeffrey Dahmer (the cannibal massmurderer) on the track Rage and another tribute track on The Lariat dedicated to the redneck wrestler Stan Hansen calling him the "Proud and ugly American".
Best tracks are Fair one talking about how great it was back in the days when you could have a fistfight without someone pulling out a gun and the track Working mans a sucker that for a change doesnt glorify us lazy bastards that never got the balls to go to college and now piss our lifes away at some shitjob (sad song but true).

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